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So the 2020 Porsche 911 is different from the old one

November 29, 2018 Technology 1 Views 2020 The Porsche 911 Carrera S is brand new, and it's bigger, faster and…

2020 The Porsche 911 Carrera S is brand new, and it’s bigger, faster and more difficult. Here are the big differences between the new 992 generation and the outgoing 991


2020 Porsche 911 looks the same but is the way faster

The long-lasting joke is that Porsche never ever Changes 911, and they all look nice …

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As someone who personally hoped for a bit more dramatic departure from the previous 911 pattern generations, I have to say that I feel jinxed because the new backside of the backside just looks like hovering unhappy over the back of car.

Maybe if the candle bar was lower, or just bigger and thicker, it could pull it off. The fuel-loaded engine fuel is also not good. I think things are improved when the entire upper half of the rear end lifts as the active aerodynamic spoiler.


The front looks very like what happened, except now it’s a giant squared mouthguard with active aerodynamic chickens on both sides and more pronounced wheel arches.


It’s because Porsche also broadened the track and extended the wheelbase and the new 911 will now only have a body style over its range, unlike the last generation where only four-wheel drive cars were a bit wider. It does not just look the way it is, but it’s also about 121 pounds of brakes than the outgoing car.

The interior has also been hissed, PDK now has an eighth gear, 0 to 60 mph acceleration has improved and can now be called “wet mode”, which is completely hilarious. Whether you like the look of it, it sounds like it’s going to be just as good to drive as the last one.





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