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So are the possible emojis of WhatsApp for 2019


A few days ago we told you what the following could be emojis of WhatsApp that would reach the instant messaging application. They will also reach other applications, but it is clear that if they have achieved fame this type of characters is due to their exchange through the app owned by Facebook.

Emojipedia analyzed at the beginning of the month what could be the emojis of WhatsApp that will star in the application in the near future, but until now we could not have an approximation to its design. Thanks to the same means we can take a look at the emojis that have all the ballots to become the most used icons in our conversations.

Unicode 11 comes officially on June 5, so Emojipedia has talked at length about all the emoji that will be released on Apple devices later this year. However, attention is now focused on Unicode 1, which presents up to 104 new candidates to be the new emojis for WhatsApp.

All bets indicate that the Flemish and the White Heart (more impossible madridista) will be the following emojis in monopolizing all the protagonism in Whatsapp . And now we can know how they would look thanks to the following image, where we also find new characters such as diving glasses, the ax or the Hindu temple.

So are the possible emojis of WhatsApp for 2019

New emojis next week

At this time, these emojis are still only candidates for inclusion in Unicode 12 and no decisions have been taken on the final list of emojis of WhatsApp for 2019 that we will see in the next months. Maybe both the white heart and flamenco will eventually swell the list of emojis on our smartphones, as they are the users’ favorites, but until all Unicode 12 members are confirmed, we can not take it for granted.

While that moment arrives, now all eyes are on the more than 150 new emojis that will appear on our phones from next week . Unicode 11 will be released next Tuesday, which will allow millions of users to decorate their conversations with new characters and objects such as glasses, a doctor’s coat or hiking shoes. Of animals is added the much-requested llama, a hippopotamus or a kangaroo. Finally we also found a roll of toilet paper, a sponge, soap, or with an extinguisher.

You can confirm the full list of new emojis in Emojipedia , or if you prefer, you can go to the Unicode website .