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Snow storm with snow storm conditions to blow the I-80 corridor in central US this weekend to monday

By Alex Sosnowski Weather Teacher by AccuWeather Meteorologist November 24, 2018, 11:09:12 AM EST When millions of people go home…

By Alex Sosnowski Weather Teacher by AccuWeather Meteorologist
November 24, 2018, 11:09:12 AM EST

When millions of people go home over central US to Monday, a big storm will bring snowmobile conditions from Nebraska and northern Kansas to northern Illinois, southern Wisconsin and lower Michigan before Monday .

Although the storm will begin to rain in much of this sand, when colder air invades, the rain will change to snow and the roads become slippery.

The combination of rising winds, heavy snow

 Static central blizzard 9th

When temperatures fall and snow continues to fall, the roads become slippery and snowy, followed by blowing and driving snow along much of the Interstate 80 corridors and parts of I-35, I-39, I-70, I-88, I-90, I-94, and I-196 in the region.

Large cities that can expect at least a few inches of snow include: Topeka, Kansas; Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska; Des Moines and Davenport, Iowa; Kirksville and Kansas City, Milwaukee; Grand Rapids and Lansing, Michigan; Madison, Wisconsin; Missouri;

 Static Snowfall Map 9am

From a part of northeastern Kansas and southeastern Nebraska to northern Illinois, southeastern Wisconsin and the central part of the lower shore of michigan, 6-10 inch snow forecast with local amounts is close to one foot possible.

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As AccuWeather warned earlier this week, as the snow is expected to meet Chicago and Milwaukee from Sunday night to Monday morning, air passengers can expect major flight delays and cancellations during this time. Airline customers may want to consider a flight much earlier or after the storm to avoid being stranded at the airport.

 Static Sunday Night Midwest

Motorists may want to consider a more southerly route through central states, like I-40 and I-44, if they have to travel cross-country skiing while the storm is in progress.

Longer to the east, heavy snow is not expected to fall from central Missouri to Ohio. However, some of this area near the Great Lakes region in the eastern end of the Ohio Valley may experience a sufficient temperature drop at the storm’s tail transmission to lead to ice spots and a slight snow rise from late sunday night to monday.

Detroit will be on the southeastern edge of moderate snow. People should expect enough snow to create slippery conditions for the Monday morning commute center with gradually more snow north and west in the subway to the distant suburbs.

 Static Monday NE

There are opportunities for school endings or delays on Monday in parts of central Plains and Upper Midwest due to the extent of snow, cold winds and expected freezing.

Although snow or ice does not cause major problems on landing lanes further east across Ohio Valley and the East Great Lakes region, blistering conditions can lead to intersections and turbulence.

The same storm is expected to get mostly rain to the I-95 Atlantic Ocean corridor from Washington, DC to Philadelphia and New York City. But after rain and spicy ice to begin, parts of New England can get heavy snow during the second part of the storm during Monday evening to early Tuesday.

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