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SNL takes on Dan Crenshaw to revenge on Pete Davidson

This week's edition of Saturday Night Lives weekend update served as a sequel to sorting to last week's episode. Pete…

This week’s edition of Saturday Night Lives weekend update served as a sequel to sorting to last week’s episode. Pete Davidson followed his insult of new election congressman Dan Crenshaw by bringing politicians to the show to revenge and share a serious message about respecting veterans.

Crenshaw, a Republican politician and military veteran who lost his eye in Afghanistan in 2012, had been directed to Davidson as part of SNL Davidson was wondering the politician’s injury and said he looked like a “hitman in a porn “. Davidson had quickly added: “I’m sorry, I know he lost his eye in war or anything.” During the week, in the wake of Crenshaw’s choice to represent Texas’s 2nd Congressional District, Davidson was sincerely apologetic and said: “In what I’m sure, there was a big shock for people who know me, I made a bad choice last week.”

Throughout the section SNL had talked about the midterm in very apolitical terms and joked about trying to find a common ground between Republican and Democratic supporters. Davidson continued the path describing last week’s uproar of his Crenshaw joke by saying: “Left and right finally came together to agree on something: That I’m a cock.”

“Do you believe?” Crenshaw said that he suddenly got into the scene.

Davidson’s “bad choice” line also appeared to be a reference to his latest breakup with singer Ariana Grande, and it was not the last. After Crenshaw had accepted Davidson’s apology, he called on his cell phone &#821

1; and the ringtone was none other than Grande Breathin. Davidson, who seemed unprepared for gag, laughed in reply. The comedian then offered Crenshaw the opportunity to cook a picture of him to compensate for his insult, and Crenshaw reluctantly accepted.

“This is Pete Davidson,” said Crenshaw. “He looks like the record from Breaking Bad was a person.” And then, “he looks like a magic wand with a bandworm.”

It was not that fun and game. Since this week’s episode of SNL happened to fall on Veterans weekend, Crenshaw addressed the viewers at home in the best way to respect the veterans’ service like him. His main advice? If you see a veteran, tell them, “never forget.”

“When you say” never forget, “you mean that you, like American, are in them, not separated by a barrier between civilians and veterans,” Crenshaw said directly to the camera. “Never forget those we lost in war and never forget those we lost on 9/11, like Pope’s father.” He and Davidson reluctantly told each other, “Never forget.”

See a clip of Crenshaw’s Davidson grilled above.

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