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Skullsession: Heisman Trophy Odds, Dwayne Haskins vs. Washington Secondary, and Ryan Shazier Jogs

I'm giving you good news, it seems we have at least one year to beat these two Michigan men who…

I’m giving you good news, it seems we have at least one year to beat these two Michigan men who seem to come back for more.

And can their coach stay forever.


Today’s word: Meretricious.
HASKINS FOR HEISMAN? Dwayne Haskins is officially on his way to New York as a Heisman Trophy finalist, but I would certainly not hope you will win it.

Even after throwing 499 meters and five touchdowns, Haskin’s odds made to win Heisman range from 33/1

(+3300) to 60/1 (+6000).

There was nothing Haskins did wrong, it’s only the two guys who have already won their games, and Kyler Murray looked at it at least.

It’s a pity, but I guess Dwayne only has to win it next year.

The most crazy case at odds was not even Haskins, it was Tua Tagovailoa.

At this time last week, Tua was a -500 favorite to win Heisman, meaning you have to bet $ 500 to win $ 100. A week later, Tua has +150 odds – a rate of $ 100 pays $ 150.

In one week Tua went from a close lock to win the trophy into a pretty strong underdog. The poor people who bet on him last week just put their money on.

HASKINS VS HUSKIES. I would lie if I said that was what I wanted, but Dwayne Haskins and Ohio State’s match match against Washington’s secondary will be an absolute pleasure to watch.

Washington has two likely Americans and first rounds in their secondary corner Byron Murphy and Security Taylor Rapp and Dwayne Haskins are Dwayne Haskins.

This is part of the reason that Tom Fornelli from ranks Rose Bowl as the No. 3 bowl game this season, behind only the two final games in the semifinal:

The patriot should leave his screen proud throughout the year.

Every season, the Michigan hit the season. People forget it.

TROLL STATUS: MASTER. Hi, remember when a local Columbus kid drove the last nail in the loss box that effectively destroyed Ohio State’s playoff jump?

Well, he’ll make damn so you’ll never forget.

Honestly, I’m not even angry. The guy completely dominated his hometown school, who decided he was not good enough for a roster site, and topped it with a pick-six on the best passer in program history.

He can say what he wants. He has earned it.

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