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Skull Session: Dwayne Haskins' Heisman Fall, Celebrating Army vs Navy, and Conference Expansion Conversations are back

If you have not heard, the quarterback in Ohio State Buckeyes football team is a finalist for a trophy. Be…

If you have not heard, the quarterback in Ohio State Buckeyes football team is a finalist for a trophy.

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Today’s word:

FALL FOR DWAYNE. I do not mean to destroy the fun, and you should all steer into the ceremony anyway, but Dwayne Haskins does not lift the Heisman Trophy tonight – but that does not mean he should not.

Haskins is basically locked to third place at this point and seems honest as an afterthought, but there is a legitimate argument that he should win it, or at least be proper in the conversation.

From Barrett Sallee of CBS Sports:

I think the other storyline here is how completely insanely all three of these finalists are if the guy described above will quit third quite definitely.

I suppose Dwayne just has to wait until next year.

HAPPY PROMOTION. The Buckeyes do not play today, but the troops do.

As a citizen in the beautiful country, they defend both, I am impartial. But I assure you that the game will get my insignificant and undivided attention thanks to the incredible idea of ​​giving the game a separate day.

One of my worst worst #takes originally originated Army-Navy Saturday because it effectively made the game meaningless when it comes to bowls and postseason rankings, because rankings and bowl matchups are determined the previous weekend.

I was completely wrong, this is amazing.

Troupe allows the game to be the act it deserves to be and have the audience it deserves to have, as there are no other games competing. In addition, they wear absolutely amazing uniforms every year, and this time is no different.

Navy uniforms shed their timeless mascot Bill the Goat:

WHAT YEAR IS IT? I thought we had finished the whole conference expansion talk about five years ago okay , here we are:

The guy is a Minnesota writer who claims to have a source that probably knows quite a bit about the Big Ten Conference. I can not stand for the truth, but if it’s your kind of thing, he has a complete collection of Tweets that explains how, why and when this can happen.

Personally, I think this would give a lot of significance to Big Ten, especially after reading his Tweet storm, giving rise to valid points. I just do not sell it will happen.

You speak the two biggest layers in Big XII. It’s not like they’re trying to accommodate Kansas and Baylor. They do not leave the other Big XII teams without any kind of battle.

As a consumer, however, regular Ohio State matchups against Oklahoma and Texas make absolutely amazing.

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