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Siri shows that, currently, Google Assistant takes years off

Siri shows that, currently, Google Assistant takes years off

If we are sure of something, it is that Google is putting all the meat in the spit of artificial intelligence , withfull right, and taking most of the foci of the last step.

The future of human-machine interaction seems clear, so sooner or later we are going to have to get used to talking with our devices As if it were another human being, at the risk of looking crazy to ourselves.

In fact, it is not trivial either that all the actors of the industry want to be in this market – Amazon with Alexa, Google with Assistant, Samsung with Bixby, Apple with Siri , etc-; although the strategies of one and the other really are very different in practice.

Amazon is committed to integration and the universality of Alexa , without limiting it to some devices or others and offering it to any manufacturer; Samsung for its part has lost the advantage from an interesting Bixby who is still waiting for version 2.0 while learning languages; Y between Google and Apple the battle seems to opt for the company of the search engine , which has diverted more resources to its assistant and has turned it into the greatest incentive of its online services.

Apple plays catch-up a few days after WWDC 2018

Not that Apple has lost faith in Siri , not that Cupertino have stopped working on his assistant, but that Google has put such high expectations that perhaps the improvements that will surely reach Siri could be overshadowed even before landing on Apple devices.

The Worldwide Developers Conference 2018, WWDC for friends, will open doors next June 4 , and being an event similar to Google I / O, dedicated in its case to the improvements in the platforms, services and development for the Apple ecosystem, the truth is that many users have put hands to discover novelties .

Asking Siri directly was a good source of information last year, and in fact Apple’s intelligent assistant it means that you will receive a new voice if you ask him, stating later that he does not want to show off it will be much smarter in case we insist. The third filtration of Siri is precisely the rumored HomePod smart speaker , a rival for Google Home or the Amazon Echo that Siri says will be matte and grid-colored.

Siri shows that, currently, Google Assistant takes years off

Siri shows that, currently, Google Assistant takes years off

So far good news, although these are really the same answers that Siri offered in 2017 when asking about WWDC last year, so it seems that Apple wants to play clueless or really the news of Siri will not be so impressive as the new voices of the Google assistant, or their capabilities to call directly and reserve a table in a restaurant for us …

Obviously yes there will be news for Siri, we will see what , but as he tells usMany of the fans of Apple have been disappointed by Siri’s bad memory, which is only able to give us date and place of the event if we specify that we want information about the “WWDC 2018”.

What will Apple have prepared for us? Will Siri be at the height of a very tough competition in this virtual assistants? Many doubts that we will dissipate next week, so do not go too far …

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