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Shots at the Pittsburgh Synagogue leave at least 4 dead official rates

"Despite ongoing requests for sensible gun control and mental health care, our chosen Washington leaders knew it would fade on…

“Despite ongoing requests for sensible gun control and mental health care, our chosen Washington leaders knew it would fade on time,” he wrote. “Unless there is a dramatic turn in the mid-term election, I’m afraid that the status quo will remain unchanged, and the shooting will be resumed.”

Jeff Finkelstein, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh, told CNN: “My heart goes out to all these families. This should not happen period. It should not happen in a synagogue that should not happen in our neighborhood at the echo level. “

Jonathan A. Greenblatt, head of the Anti Defamation League, said on Twitter that he was” devastated “by the shot.

“Judges directed at the Sabbath morning at the Synagogue, a sacred service, are unconcerned. Our hearts violate the victims, their families, and all Jewish society,” wrote Greenblatt.

“We are actively involved in law enforcement to understand the extent of this anti-Semitic attack and we will work with communities across the country to drive prejudice wherever it seems” he wrote in a second Twitter post.

Brandeis University researchers reported in a study from 2017 that the squirrel height has historically been the center of Jewish life in Greater Pittsburgh. “

About 26 percent of the Jewish households in the Pittsburgh area are in the squirrel height, while another 31 percent of Jewish households are largely nearby, according to the report commissioned by the Jewish Federation for Greater Pittsburgh. [19659007] About 48 percent of Jewish children in Greater Pittsburgh live in squirrel height, according to the study.

Shortly before 11am, residents are coul d still hearing high hopes of shooting. The authorities told residents to stay in.

Ben Opie, 55 , who can see the synagogue from his garden, said his wife would leave the house on Saturday morning to do some volunteer work when SWAT officers approached their home and said there was an active shooter in the synagogue.

“They hunted me wife inside, “he said.” They just said to get into the house. “

Justin Matase returned home at 10.30 when he saw more than 30 police cars along Shady oc h Wilkins Avenues, he said. Mr. Matase said he lives less than 1000 meters from the synagogue.

Mr. Matase said that the neighborhood is predominantly Jewish, and while he is not part of the congregation, he has many friends who are.

In New York and Los Angeles, police said that there was no “nexus” between shooting in Pittsburgh and those cities, but the authorities took precautions until more is known about the shot.

“The NYPD sets heavy weapons teams, including Critical Response Officers and Strategic Response Team Commanders, to houses of worship throughout the city,” said the New York police.

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