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Sharing videos and images by WhatsApp can be a crime


Many people may ignore it, but we can not do everything we want on WhatsApp. One example we had months ago when the LOPD or Spanish Data Protection Agency fined the owner of the restaurant for improper use of private data on behalf of his business after Add users to WhatsApp groups without your permission .

Of course, we do not refer to images of kittens, memes, or videos of the famous “black WhatsApp”, but to content that threaten the privacy of people. The AEPD reminds us that Share images or videos by WhatsApp It can become a crime whenever it threatens the privacy of people. The agency says that “The mere capture of images of people or their dissemination through WhatsApp can be considered a treatment of personal data.”

This notice comes after images of an alleged case of male violence in Font de la Figuera were shared by the instant messaging application. A year ago a user recorded a policeman in full domestic altercation in what appeared to be a case of bad treatment. Then the now sanctioned to pay a fine I send the video to several contacts through Whatsapp . This act is considered as dissemination of personal data and is grounds for sanction.

Sharing videos and images by WhatsApp can be a crime

What has led to the AEPD to act is that the police officer that appeared in the video was one of only two agents of authority established in the population, which made their identification much easier. This is what has led to consider the recording and dissemination of images via WhatsApp as a publication of personal data without consent, since the video in question reached the mobiles of several residents of the town where the events took place.

WhatsApp and private content

The author of the video thought to use the recording as proof of a case of male violence, arguing that it was also taking place on a public road. The AEPD assures that it has already warned the user that it could not record these images, something that the sanctioned users denies with completeness. The Spanish Agency states that in a personal capacity we can record everything we want whenever we make private use of it. The sanction corresponds to the diffusion of the images via Whatsapp or by any other means, something that threatens the privacy of citizens.