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See the sun's north pole in this cool photograph

December 5, 2018 Science 0 Views Artificial Proba-2 Views of the Sun North Pole (Photo Credit: European Space Agency (ESA)…

Artificial Proba-2 Views of the Sun North Pole (Photo Credit: European Space Agency (ESA) / Royal Observatory in Belgium)

Staying at the sun does not stop well, but the European Space Agency (ESA) has given us a picture of the fire star north pole.

On Monday, the ESA shared the image in a blog post, which is an artificial Proba-2 view of the North Pole of the Sun. The picture shows the sun’s bulky north pole as a toned environment surrounded by a glowing gold circle.

According to ESA, the common NASA / ESA Ulysses mission captured different solitudes to the sun until 2009. Since then, there has not been much exploration of the sun’s poles. Due to the lack of photographed data, researchers must summarize photos of the solar polar regions, including the artificial Proba-2 image above.

ESA continued to explain how the image uses proba-2 satellite observations with low latitude of the sun to reconstruct an artificial view of the star’s poles. These poles can not be seen by us, but spacecraft can gather data about the atmosphere around the sun’s glow. Researchers then form the sun’s main disc and take small amounts of data from the outer and upper parts of the sun as it rotates. Together, these data pieces can be combined to create an image of what the poles of the sun can look like in space.

However, the image is not just for viewing pleasure. An artificial image of the sun’s north pole can provide clues on coronal holes and ejections that affect space weather beyond the ground. ESA’s Solar Orbiter spacecraft continues to explore the solar polar regions and how its magnetic field impact can affect its interstellar atmosphere.

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