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Season 11, section 7 recap

In retrospect, maybe that should have been a bad sign when the doctor received a delivery on TARDIS … With…

In retrospect, maybe that should have been a bad sign when the doctor received a delivery on TARDIS …

With Doctor Who season 11, a magnifying glass of all kinds of aspects of our present life and Reviewing them through a sci-fi lens, it’s only natural that the show would come to retail at any time. It really looks like it’s going to be the case with this week’s new episode, “Kerblam!”, Which showed some robots in teaser with smiles stuck on their faces like definitely did not look dangerous at all.

Wink, wink.

There will apparently be some zigs and zags in what’s happening. Let’s see what they are.

Doctor Who Season 1

1, Episode 7 Recap and Review: “Kerblam!”

While a turbulence aboard TARDIS, the doctor receives a package delivered by a teleporting robot supplier. It’s Kerblam Man, as the doctor says excitedly. Her package contains a fez (“Still me?” She says, referring to the eleventh doctor) and a packet list with a message asking for help. She can not deny it of course, as far as they go.

And undercover, when they reach the multi-layered warehouse in Kerblam, a kind of space zone. While smiley but fuzzy robots run most of the place, there are still people who work there too, and as we learn later, it’s the law that 10 percent of the workers at every level in each company need to be human.

Although there are reasons to be suspected from the outset, things take a dark turn after Yaz is in a co-worker named Dan, sent to retrieve something from a warehouse warehouse where people have disappeared. Sure, he seems to be killed by one of the robots, and Yaz is soon in danger as well.

Bad Graham stuck with a “premium maintenance” job, meaning he is a caretaker in essence. He only gets the state of the country when power varies and all employees are ordered to take a break in the home zone. The doctor tells Graham that he is perfectly placed to get to the bottom of the mysteries again, as nobody asks for a cleaner and we also see hint of troublesome attempts at romance between two of the other employees.

The doctor hears if Yaz’s employee is missing and goes to the managers about the message she received, which led her to indicate obviously that there is a lot of errors going on at Kerblam. She is actually a little threatening at the end, one side we have not seen much of her, but she explains to Yaz and Ryan that she does not like bullies, conspiracies or people in danger and the feelings of all three are in

Graham asks her new caretaker Charlie about his feelings for Kira from the follow-up department. That’s all the opening he needs to get Charlie to give up a layout in the store. But the robots will probably notice …

Unfortunately, the doctor, Yaz and Ryan are captured by the people’s head while they enter the office for more information, but the power goes down. A robot shows up to investigate, almost strangling Charlie before they rip the robot head. At least, they do not seem so tough.

It seems that the head of people can actually be on our hero side despite the doctor’s mistrust against her. But Mr. Slade is looking at them, and at the same time Kira is presented with a dubious employee of today’s price and taken away by two robots.

She apparently reached the ground level, where there is no route down. Ryan takes responsibility himself and says he knows how these places work, and Charlie and Yaz lead into a chute of some kind. We also see that Kira is located in what looks like a hearing room of some kind.

In the crazy automated intestines in the packaging system, Ryan and Yaz succeed in jumping down to Charlie, a moving conveyor to another without dying. Well played.

The doctor, Graham and Folk High School successfully convince the first Kerblam delivery boat, an old technology according to modern standards, to help them. To their surprise, the system asked for the doctor’s help – down in Dispatch, at the basic levels.

Everyone is on track right now, but will they be on time to save sweet Kira? Appearing the other human boss is also a good guy, which is a pretty nice twist. There is a scary behind it, however, as the doctor believes the people are liquidated, and there is a real army of delivery bots in Dispatch as well.

Kira receives a package with its name on it, which may not be good.

What is the playoff here? The doctor believes the robots are used for a large simultaneous delivery, but with different things in each package … oh, it’s bubbling. Kira pops up the bubble loop in his package and gets a breakdown, something that may not surprise Charlie as much as you might want.

Oh boy Charlie is the bad guy. He’s like a future space version of a politically motivated bombarder who plans to bomb the customers because he is afraid of a future with zero people working instead of 10 percent. AI is good, so this is like a pro wrestling double trip. Nice.

“The systems are not the problem . How people use and use the system, that’s the problem. “People who think this season Doctor Who is a little because the nose will not like it.

The time for a hello Maria. The doctor gets the old school delivery desk to tell Kerlemam’s men that he delivering to himself and poping his own bubble loop. Charlie chooses to go down the ship, as it is.

The human executives tell Team TARDIS that the company closes too little and appears to treat their “organics” better. at least one happy ending. But Yaz still knows bad about Dan and he wants to take the hang as her daughter made him back to her. She says that’s the least they can do and Ryan prevents Graham from bouncing the bubble into the original delivery to the doctor. Probably for the best.

Final thoughts

Episodes that hold your toes are the best, and it was an hour Doctor Who not ready It’s good: We’ve seen killer robots many times, and there could have been very close “Smile” from the twelfth doctor’s adventure if there was no more exploration.

Fortunately, it was a contemporary-inspired wrinkle, reinforced by some great characteristics for all three companions. In fact, this may have been the best episode of season 11 to make every member of the team equally important, and that will be a good score from us.

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