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Sean Hannity promotes on stage at Trumps Missouri rally hours after saying that he would not

A Fox News spokesman did not respond to the request for comments on Monday evening about Hannity's appearance at the…

A Fox News spokesman did not respond to the request for comments on Monday evening about Hannity’s appearance at the rally, which was one of the clearest demonstrations than about the cozy relationship between the network and Trump White House.

It happened almost immediately after Trump took the scene in Missouri after an introduction by conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh, who had warmed the audience up.

Trump, who had appeared live on Hannity’s show during a backstage call just a few moments earlier, called Fox News host to the scene, and he owed.

Hannity’s first remark on stage with the president? He attacked media members who covered the rally and said: “By the way, all of these are behind false news.”

As observers pointed out, Fox News journalists were among the “people in the back” as Hannity was insulted.

 Fox News host Sean Hannity appeared on stage with President Donald Trump in Missouri just a few hours after saying that he would not do it.

Hannity later said he had “no idea” Trump planned to call him to the scene.

He was not the only Fox News host to be featured on stage at the rally. After Hannity’s short comments, Trump introduced Jeanine Pirro.

“There is a woman on Saturday night who treats us very well,” Trump said promising Pirro’s fiery open monologues as “always brilliant.”

When Pirro took the scene, she invited the audience to showcase the votes of Republican candidates.

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Hannity and Pirro spent the night the broadcast from the rally while raising the crowd before Trump’s arrival . Hannity said on his show that he had “throwing soccer, signing hats and taking pictures” with members of the audience.

And after Hannity spoke with Trump backstage, Bill Shine, former Fox News president White House Communications Director, turned him a high five, according to the White House pool report.

While Fox News did not have an immediate comment on the Hannity Trump campaign on Monday night’s rally, the network had previously spoken when Hannity appeared in a 2016 Trump ad.

At that time, a Fox News spokesman said the network “had no knowledge” that Hannity had participated in the advertisement and added that he “would not do anything in this line for the rest of the election”. [19659018]
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