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Seahawks blasted for Twitter photo shows Tyler Lockett gives the ball to Floyd Mayweather

November 12, 2018 Sports 2 Views Tyler Lockett and Seattle Seahawks were ripped after the receiver gave a touchdown ball to Floyd Mayweather.Seattle Seahawks launched fire on social media Sunday during their loss to Los Angeles Rams over a picture showing broad recipients Tyler Lockett gives a football to Floyd Mayweather. [1 9659004] Lockett made a 23-yard touchdown pass from Russell Wilson in the third quarter. As part of his celebration, the recipient gave the ball to Mayweather, which was set at the end of the end zone. Seattles Twitter account uploaded a photo of Lockett and the smiling boxer and captioned the "Money." The image does not fit well with Seahawk's fans on social media. Many pointed out that the tweet was unpleasant that Mayweather has a history of household abuse. Mayweather accused of two counts of violent battery in the home in 2001 and 2002, convicted in 2003 of misdemeanor battery against two women, accusing a suspicious domestic battery charge and no contest against two harassment in 2011. " Really bad taste, Seahawks, "a Twitter user wrote . "Why would you market this after how he is openly treated women?" Another wrote . "Not impressed." Other users required Seahawks to delete the tweet. Mayweather also received a ball from Los Angeles Ram's wide receiver Brandin Cooks after he made a touchdown in the fourth quarter. The Rams & # 39; Twitter account did not promote chefs who gave the ball to Mayweather. Los Angeles moved to 9-1 with…

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