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Scrubs Star On Fortnite Using His Dance – “The Jacked That Sh **”

November 20, 2018 Technology 0 Views One of the dance motions in Fortnite is modeled after actor Donald Faison's smooth…

One of the dance motions in Fortnite is modeled after actor Donald Faison’s smooth movements from the TV series Scrubs where he dances to the song “Poison.” During an event of the weekend Scrubs creator Bill Lawrence wrote someone, probably from Epic, to him to ask if they could use Faison’s “choreography” in the video game, according to Vulture. Apparently Lawrence gave them the green light.

Faison revealed under the panel that he created the poison dance very quickly after being shown late to set the day they filmed the scene for the “My Half Axis” section. The crowd and some of Faison’s castmates asked Faison to do the dance on stage, but a brilliant Faison said, “If you want to watch it, you can play Fortnite because they jacked it sh **!”

Whether Faison does any action against Epic for Fortnite’s use of his gift dance remains to be seen. We have contacted Epic to see if they have any comments.

Rapper 2 Milly recently accused Epic of stealing his dance for a Fortnite Emote. He told GameSpot sister site CBS News that Epic crossed the line when it decided to sell the real money dance emote. “They actually sell the special tube. It’s for purchase,” said 2 Milly. “That was when I really was … ohh, this can not be too long.”

The Chance Rapper also said that he addresses the issue with Fortnite’s use of the dances in the Royale battle. “Black creatures created and popularized these dances but never earned money on them. Imagine the money people spend on these emotions shared with the artists who did them,” he said back in July.

In the second Fortnite news, the game’s next major update will be released on Tuesday, November 20th. Keep checking with GameSpot for the latest.

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