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“Scream out to the anonymous sixth grade”: Note! Identify the drive-and-drive driver goes viral

November 21, 2018 US 0 Views BUFFALO, NY – A New York sixth grade is promised after leaving a note…

BUFFALO, NY – A New York sixth grade is promised after leaving a note after her school bus driver claims to have hit his vehicle and drove off Monday.

“Scream to the anonymous 6th degree to save me a couple of thousand Bus not drawn in scale),” tweeted Andrew Sipowicz, identified by WKBW as a student at Canisius College in Buffalo.

The note – complete with a rendering of the school bus – reads:

If you wonder what happens to your car.

Bus: 449 hit your car It stays here every day to let me go.

at 17.00.

What happened? She tried to pull off and hit the car. She hit and drove. She tried to tear and squeeze threw but could not. She squeezed actually threw. She made a fool and I saw what happened.


-Drive seat left door

-A dam in bus driver’s seat 499.

-Buffalo Public School bus

-A 6th degree at Houghten Academy

“My first thought thank you to God for the note, because without the note I had no idea what was happening, “said Sipowicz WGRZ. He said he called the bus company and an apologetic supervisor responded immediately.

Houghton Academy Vice President Kevin Garcia told WKBW that the school will honor the student with a citizenship prize in the coming weeks.

One of the student’s instructors tweeted, “Proud Teachers.” One of my students was not afraid to be a snitch and did good deeds. NO AWESOME HOMEWORK! “

A spokesman for the bus company, First Student, told WGRZ in a claim that the insurance claim process is in progress and that they cover the full cost of the repair to Sipowicz’s vehicles, as well as the cost of a rental car. The bus driver will be kicked, according to the statement.

“We would be asked if we did not mention that we are very impressed with this exceptional sixth degree. We praise her for her actions,” said the company.


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