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Scores arrested as thousands of blocks London bridges in climate rebels | Environment

More than 50 people have been arrested because thousands of protesters occupied five bridges in central London to express their…

More than 50 people have been arrested because thousands of protesters occupied five bridges in central London to express their concern about the threatening climate crisis.

Protesters including families and retirees began massaging on five of London’s main bridges from 10 o’clock on Saturday. An hour later, all crossings had been blocked in one of the biggest acts of peaceful civil disobedience in Britain for decades. Some people locked themselves together, while others hooked arms and sang songs.

At 2:00 the blockade of the Southwark Bridge was abandoned, and protesters moved to Blackfriars Bridge where the organizers said they would soon move west towards Westminster Bridge. 1

9659004] The demonstration will move from eastern bridges to gather at the end of the day at Westminster, where there will be speech and opportunities for the public to talk about environmental destruction.

The day ends with an interfaith ceremony outside Westminster Abbey.

Moved is part of a campaign of mass civil disobedience organized by a new group, Extinction Rebellion, who wants to force governments to address the threats of climate change and eradication as a crisis.

“The” social contract “has been broken … [and] it is therefore not just our right but our moral obligation to circumvent the government’s passivity and flagrant commitment and to rebel to defend life itself,” said Gail Bradbrook, one of the organizers.

Alice, 19, from Bristol was one of those who block the Westminster Bridge.

“I took the coach at 3 o’clock to make sure I did not. I miss it, she said,” and I’m so glad I did. It’s a small personal inconvenience, and I’ve done it, I’m becoming part of a rebellion.

“This moment will be remembered in the history books, when we finally stopped letting our leaders take over the cliff.” [19659002] Jenny Jones, Green Party peer, joined the protest at Westminster Bridge. She supported the non-violent direct action taken by the protesters.

“We are in the position that if we do not start acting and act quickly, we will only wipe out our life support system,” she said. [19659002] “It’s good to believe we are a rich country, the sixth largest economy in the world, but we will not do better than anywhere else, because climate change will also massively affect us.” and bottom, conventional policies have failed – it has even failed me and I’m part of the system – so people have no other choice. “

Jenny Jones:” If we do not act fast, we’re coming to remove our life support system “- video

Father Martin Newell at the Blackfriars Bridge said, “What brought me here is the climate crisis, the emergency extermination and my faith in God who created all this and whose creation we destroy and crossbreed … I’m called Christian to protect our neighbor as abused. “

Over the past two weeks, more than 60 people have been arrested to participate in illegal acts organized by extinction riot ranging from bonding to state buildings to block highways in the capital

But these disturbances disappeared on Saturday when The organizers say that 6000 people participated in protests.

“It’s not a step we take easily,” says Tiana Jacout, one of the involved. “If things continue, we face an eradication that is greater than the one who killed the dinosaurs. I do not know about you, but I’d rather be a worthy ancestor.”

Extinction Rebellion, quoting the civil rights movement, suffragettes and Mahatma Gandhi as inspiration, said that minor events took place in other British cities as well as foreign on Saturday.

The organizers say they plan to escalate the campaigns from Wednesday when small groups of activists will “swarm” around central London blocking roads and bridges, causing major outbreaks in the capital.

“Given the scale of the ecological crisis we face, the appropriate extent of expansion,” says Bradbrook. “Occupying the streets to create changes that our ancestors have made for us. Only this kind of large-scale economic disruption can quickly take the government to the table to discuss our demands. We are prepared to risk everything for our future. “

Resurrection Day Environmental Protest

Demonstrators at the Westminster Bridge in London for a protest called Extinction Rebellion to raise awareness of the dangers of climate change. PRESS ASSOCIATION Photo. Picture date: Saturday 17 November 2018. Photo credit to be read: John Stillwell / PA Wire Photo: John Stillwell / PA

The group calls on the government to reduce carbon emissions to zero in 2025 and establish a “Citizens’ Assembly” to formulate an urgent action plan similar to that seen during World War II.

On top of the specific requirement, organizers say they hope that the “Respectful Disturbance” campaign will change the debate on climate change and signal to those masters who the current action will lead to disaster.

The group, established just a couple a few months ago, has increased approximately £ 50k in small-scale donations in recent weeks.

It now has offices in central London and has in recent months held meetings across the country describing the scale of the climate crisis and urges people to engage in direct actions this weekend.

“Local groups set up throughout the country and even new groups see that about 100 people meet and we have trainers coming from Newcastle to Plymouth,” said Rupert Read, a philosophical graduate at the University of East Anglia.

The campaign hit the headlines a few weeks ago when the former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams was one of almost 100 graduates to get out of it.

In a letter published in Guardian, they said: “Although our academic perspectives and expertise may differ, we agree on this point: we do not tolerate this or any other government failing to take robust and urgent action with The science is clear, the facts are unmatched, and it is unthinkable for us that our children and grandchildren would have to bear the scary brunette of an unprecedented disaster of our own creation. “

Civil disobedience comes through to prove that they threaten the climate distribution and follow UN warnings that there are only 12 years left to prevent global ecological disaster.

The group also makes international contacts, with 11 events scheduled in seven countries so far, including the United States, Canada, Germany, Australia and France.

“To challenge the system that sends us to an early grave, we must be bold and ambitious,” says Read. “Forging new connections around the world and learning from each other.”

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