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Saudi Arabia's highest diplomat calls global outbreak over Khashoggi and kills “hysterical”

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Saudi Arabia's highest diplomat said Saturday that global fame and media focuses on the killing…

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates – Saudi Arabia’s highest diplomat said Saturday that global fame and media focuses on the killing of a Saudi journalist earlier this month has become “hysterical.” He called on the public to wait for the results of an investigation before he accused himself of the country’s leading leadership.

Jamal Khashoggi a Washington Post columnist criticism of Saudi Arabian crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, was killed by Saudi agents at the consulate of Istanbul in Istanbul on October 2.

“This question has become quite hysterical, Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said.” I think people have been blamed Saudi Arabia with such security before the investigation has ended. “

Some of those involved in Khashoggi’s death are located close to Prince Mohammed, who is the heir of the king. His condemnation of the killing as “devastating” and “painful” has so far failed to suspect that such a high level operation could have been performed without his knowledge.

Al-Jubeir took a position at skepticism about the Crown Prince’s alleged commitment. He spoke in response to questions from Western journalists at an annual conference with international officials, including US Secretary of Defense James Mattis in Bahrain.

 Saudi Arabian Foreign Minister Adel Bin Ahmed Al-Jubeir Speaks In The Second Day of It 14th Dialogue in Manama, Security Council in Manama

Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Ade l Al-Jubeir speaks during the second day of the 14th Manama Dialogue, the Security Summit in Manama, Bahrain October 27, 2018.


“We have clarified that we will have a complete and transparent investigation, the results of which will be released. We have made it very clear that those responsible will be held responsible,” he said, adding that the UK has also introduced mechanisms to ensure that this does not happen.

“We are trying to reveal what happened. We know that a mistake was committed. We know that people exceeded their authority and we know we are investigating them,” he said.

But he warned that “investigations take time”.

“Unfortunately, it has been this hysteria in the media about Saudi Arabia’s debt before the investigation is complete,” he said.

Turkey claims that a 1 5-member family group was sent to Istanbul to kill the journalist, a once Saudi insider who became a pronounced critic of Prince Mohammed in the Washington Post columns. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has said that the other three in the 18 group who were detained in Saudi Arabia were consular officers.

Saudi Arabia has said five officials, including two who worked directly under the Crown Prince, have been freed from their posts. Al-Jubeir on Saturday said six total dismissed. King Salman has assigned his son, the Crown Prince, to oversee the restructuring of the Kingdom intelligence body in the aftermath of the killing.

Erdogan said Friday that Turkey would reveal more evidence of killing, but did not rush to do so, indicating that the Turkish authorities will methodically increase pressure on Saudi Arabia even when the nation is floating conflicting statements in vain and often clumsy attempt to end the crisis.

After three weeks of changing Saudi Arabian accounts around the event, the Kingdom confirmed this week that killing was “mediated”, citing evidence from Turkish officials investigating what happened. Saudi Arabia originally said that Khashoggi had left the Consulate on October 2 before he gave various other stories that President Donald Trump called ” one of the worst coverings in the history of coverage.”

Turkey requests that Saudi Arabia hand over suspects in the killing, as the Kingdom has described as an unlawful operation of officials who may have exceeded their orders or authority.

CIA director Gina Haspel was in Turkey earlier this week to review evidence and she informed Trump in Washington on Thursday. Officials have confirmed to CBS News that Haspel heard sound recordings allegedly killing the murder while she was in Turkey this week, but it is still unclear how convincing she regards the evidence presented to her.

Meanwhile, Kashoggi left the son of Salah Saudi Arabia after the kingdom abolished a travel ban so that he could travel to the United States. State Department spokesman Robert Palladino said Washington welcomed the decision to have Salah Khashoggi and his family leave Saudi Arabia.

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