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Saudi Arabia to seek death penalty for 5 accused in Khashoggi Killing

November 15, 2018 Business 0 Views BEIRUT, Lebanon – Saudi Arabian prosecutor said Thursday that he requested a death penalty…

BEIRUT, Lebanon – Saudi Arabian prosecutor said Thursday that he requested a death penalty for five people suspected of having participated in the killing of Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi at the country’s consulate in Istanbul.

Speaking to reporters in Saudi Arabian Riyadh, a prosecutor’s spokesman, said the 15 manslaughter was sent to confront Mr Khashoggi had orders to return him to the Kingdom but instead made a decision to kill him after he resisted . 19659002] The statement was the state’s last effort to explain the killing of October 2 by Mr Khashoggi, a resident of Virginia who wrote columns for Washington Post that was critical of some Saudi Arabian politics.

The case has caused widespread international scandal and the largest foreign-related crisis for the kingdom since the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

The statement on Thursday sought to reinforce previous Saudi allegations that the Riyadh team had acted without the consent of the Kingdom’s highest leadership, which means King Salman and his son Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Several current and former civil servants from Turkey, the United States and other countries have said that such a complex and risky operation could

Turkish officials have said that Mr Khashoggi was killed in a prevented assassination conducted by the Saudi team whose members flew to turkey to do the job

The team, the Turks say, strangled Mr. Khashoggi shortly after he entered the consulate, hoping to get the documents he needed to marry his Turkish engagement and then split him.

Turkey has also released names, photographs and videos of the team in Istanbul, including pictures of a man wearing Mr Khashoggi clothing after killing and traced to go around Istanbul in an attempt to leave a false surveillance trail.

Saudi spokesman said he could not identify any suspects because the investigation was ongoing.

Mr. Khashoggi body has not been found. Turkish officials have speculated that the Saudi agents dissolved it in acid; On Thursday, the Saudi spokesman repeated his government’s assertion that it had been given a Turkish partner who then disposed of it.

Saudi Arabia’s story about what happened to Mr. Khashoggi was changed several times after his disappearance was first reported, with senior officials first insisting that he had left the consulate safe and acknowledged only a few weeks later that he had been killed in Saudi Arabian diplomatic building.

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