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Saturday night Live takes on cheating fraud, Facebook and Nancy Pelosi – Variety

The mid-term election committee took place two weeks ago, and as voice is still counted in some parts of the…

The mid-term election committee took place two weeks ago, and as voice is still counted in some parts of the country, fraud fraud is still a hot topic. “Saturday Night Live” came into discussion with his 17th episode, cold open, which saw Kate McKinnon back to the “The Ingraham Angle” desktop like Laura Ingraham. But the sketch was barely there – even taking pictures on Facebook, Nancy Pelosi and Vape God, as Kinnon as Ingraham pointed out was “a real person I had on my show”.

McKinnon as Ingraham began sketching by asserting voter fraud “allowed Democrats to make the election properly.”

“Some have claimed that suburban women revolted against the Republican party, but do not feel true that all hispanics voted twice? You can not just reject this thought simply because it’s not true and sounds crazy,” she said.

It led her to introduce “Feeling Fact,” as she pointed out are things that are not true but feel like they are &#821

1; like “Latinos can have a baby every three months; Santa is Jesus’s father; [and] Blackface is a compliment. ”

Cecily Strong returned as Judge Jeanine Pirro to speak of specific examples of voter fraud that she discovered, such as Georgians who have disguises to vote several times. She showed a photo of Tyler Perry, who claimed she saw voting in Atlanta, but then he entered his car and switched to Madea and threatened white voters.

“There was apparently a big increase in what people call stacking,” she added, “where several children will stack on each other under a trenchcoat and then vote as an adult. And do not get me started at Klumping, where a lonely man constitutes a family of five. “

Had she needed to keep Pirro in charge, McKinnon asked Ingraham where she heard this. “In the parking lot of a Bass Pro Shop,” she replied.

Alex Moffat seemed like Mark Zuckerberg to answer questions about Facebook who hired a PR company that participated in a countervailing campaign against George Soros. While refusing to know his commitment, he was much more focused on apparently man-he reminded to blink and break into spontaneous dabbing, for example – than giving many details.

“I can no longer be transparent, have you seen my skin?” He tried to joking. “I think the problem is when I’m doing bad things, I get money. What? Dab!”

Leslie Jones joined Marcia Fudge, who spoke to Nancy Pelosi in the sketch and called her “tainted” and said “GOP has used his name against [Democrats] but the Republicans can never find a way to make fun of me – a middle-aged black woman called Fudge. “She also introduced into” this bitch is so old “residence style, including saying she was so old her “birthstone is Rosetta.” But showing a more serious side, she followed it up by saying the real reason that she should be considered a speaker in the chamber was that she could “mobilize the black vote”, which resigned from literal alarms in Fox News Office.

Watch a clip from November 17, call open below:

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