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Samsung's first foldable phone will probably be presented next month – BGR

October may have brought us a lot of interesting Android flagships, but November should be even better for a simple…

October may have brought us a lot of interesting Android flagships, but November should be even better for a simple reason: Samsung’s Developer Conference (SDC18), which takes place in San Francisco on 7-8 November, is where we can learn More details about the future of the company’s Android hardware. Samsung is expected to unveil Galaxy F-folding phone at the conference, or reveal at least some details about it. And the company has already begun to cheer up the exciting new handset.

Samsung began developing folding devices many years ago, and we have expected the first folding handset to start for about two years at this time. The device was delayed over and over, but we finally come to the point where Samsung will share more information about it.

Galaxy F, or what Samsung will end up calling it, is likely to launch in stores sometime next year, but Samsung may want to unveil the handset next month to claim the title of the world’s first folding phone. Huawei also speaks for the same title and the company recently confirmed that the first folding phone it does is also the first 5G device.

Samsung a few days ago posted a video for its developer conference that includes a wink-and-miss-it teaser as folding handsets can be discussed at the event. The clip shows the profile of what could be a collapsible device that opens and then folded out for use in tablet mode.

The message is also quite clear. We are at the intersection “between the present and the future” and Samsung’s event is there “now meet next.”

The move to collapsible devices seems to be the next logical step in the smartphone development and the only way we can enjoy larger screens on portable devices, as we now carry handset phones with all screen designs.

But if Samsung will succeed in breaking the new form factor, it’s sure developers need to invent new experiences that utilize a collapsible screen. Reports in recent months said that the user experience was an important focus during the development of the collapsible phone. With that in mind, it makes sense to see Samsung unveil the phone at a development event.

The SDC1

8 website reveals that developers will “play with new technology”, although it is not sufficiently specific to confirm that developers will have access to foldable Samsung phone prototypes. The opening key is scheduled for 10:00 on November 7th, which is when the folding phone will probably be announced.

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