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Samsung Galaxy S8 for 1 euro: new phishing case


Not a single week goes by when we do not have to talk about a new type of fraud related to the world of social networks or telephony. The protagonist this time has been the Samsung Galaxy S8 , the flagship of Samsung for 2017 and that some unsuspecting users have believed to be able to get practically free.

This fraud is sent to users through a spam email, and actually consists of a new case of phishing that makes us believe that we can get a Samsung Galaxy S8 for 1 euro, something that clearly is not true, but that takes advantage of those users who still believe that they can give “hard to peseta”, if we are allowed the archaism .

A Samsung Galaxy S8 for 1 euro, or as a gift for our bank details

It has been the Office of Security of the Internet (OSI) that has given the voice of alert around this mail, which tries to convince its recipient that it is the same Samsung that has contacted the user to make him a participant of a more than exclusive promotion.

This email tells us that we have a Samsung Galaxy S8 ready for delivery, at the same time that you request our data in order to be part of the promotion or discount. Within this email we have at our disposal a link that will take us to a very simple form with our data partially filled (name, surname and email) and that we must complete to get our brand new Galaxy S8.

The real trap comes later, when a message in the form of a pop-up asks us for the data related to our credit account, in order to perform the symbolic payment of 1 euro.

Samsung Galaxy S8 for 1 euro: new phishing case

If we are those who have unfortunately filled out this last form, we will see how another page is loaded indicating that our payment has been rejected. From there there will be little to do since, logically it is not a mistake but a scam to get our bank details.

Samsung Galaxy S8 for 1 euro: new phishing case

Samsung Galaxy S8 for 1 euro: new phishing case

If you are one of the victims of the Samsung Galaxy S8 fraud for 1 euro, we recommend that you direct (or call) your bank as soon as possible to inform them of what happened. And always remember that you have to be wary of any promotion or offer, however real it may seem, in which you are asked for our bank details, no matter how attractive the promotion or offer may seem. It’s also good that you take a look at the OCU website on how to navigate safe with our computer or smartphone.