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Samsung can add screen camera and fingerprint sensor to future phones

October 19, 2018 Technology 1 Views Samsung is currently working on new mobile display features. It's unclear whether the reputed…

Samsung is currently working on new mobile display features. It’s unclear whether the reputed features will make it for future Galaxy S phones.

James Martin / CNET

Samsung could work to amplify its mobile monitors with features like a fingerprint sensor and camera on screen.

On the phone, mobile phone star Ice Universe tweeted had announced that Samsung had presented four innovations at its 2018 OLED Forum on Thursday. They include a fingerprint sensor on the screen, a speaker built-in on the screen, vibration coming from the screen and a sub-panel sensor. The last feature would let Samsung put a forward-looking camera or iris scanner under the display, noted Gizmodo, which made an interior not necessary.

It is not clear if these features would appear in the Galaxy S10 or other future phones. If they do, this means that the screen could fill the entire phone screen.

Tipster Samsung Mobile News has also tweeted about rumors saying: “Samsung is working on a new technology that tries to hide the front camera under the monitor. My sources told me that there are only a handful of prototypes using this technology. I do not think we will see this feature on phones until 2020, but who knows. “

Samsung did not respond immediately to a request for comment.

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