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Originally launched in 2012, ILX is no spring chicken. At its core, Acura's entry level is still a little more…

Originally launched in 2012, ILX is no spring chicken. At its core, Acura’s entry level is still a little more premium version of Honda Civic – the latest generation Honda Civic . ILX was last updated for the 2016 model year and undergoes another update for 2019. In other words, the 2019 ILX is a heating of an already heated model that sold a narrow 930 units in September.

To its credit, ILX’s other makeover is actually quite big. The car gets a much fresher look, not to mention improved technology and more safety equipment, which results in the car being a better overall value. But still is it enough?


Outgoing ILX was far from riveting when it came to design, but the 201

9 model is fresher face far from giving it a little more presence on the road. Everything from the A-pillar to the front has been reworked, and ILX now carries the brand’s sharp face, first seen on Acura Precision Concept . “Diamond Pentagon” gates are front and middle flanked by “Jewel Eye” lights and more aggressively pleated body panels.

Big changes are also evident from the rear, with a newly designed tailgate and LED tail lights. The code plate moves down from the trunk to a new bumper with a prominent diffuser, which helps to give the back a cleaner and more sporty look. From the back quarter quote, ILX is really attractive.

2019 ILX receives an optional A-Spec styling package that includes a matte graphite grill, dark light head, side light extensions, piano black bumper accents, tire spoils and rear rear diffuser. The package also fits a unique 18-inch set, gray, multiple genuine wheels, wrapped with Continental ContiProContact all seasonal tires. A-Spec can also be ordered with an exclusive Apex Blue Pearl color job, which is one of ILX’s five new color options.

All ILX models get more supportive, transformed front seats, and A-Spec cars can have their chairs fitted with red leather with mock-up kits. The package also adds stainless steel pedals, red gauges, a black headliner and specialty plates. Unfortunately, outside the seats and small color and trim changes, the ILX cabinet layout is unchanged, with a blocky dash and large joints of cheap hard plastic on the center stack.

The new front for 2019 finally gives ILX some style.

Jon Wong / Roadshow

Revised Technique

You will not find Acura’s new True Touchpad Infotainment System in 2019 ILX. Instead, it stays older, the two-screen layout. Available in the middle of Premium and top-level Technology trims, the system’s graphics are sharper, and Acura says there’s a 30 percent improvement in response times. On my ILX Technology A-Spec tester, I find the super easy-to-use navigation system, and thankfully, Acura’s interface bundles both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, as well as a 10-speaker ELS audio system . Of course, if you choose base ILX, you will not get one of this. Instead, you’re left with a screen interface that lacks smartphone mirroring technology and a six-channel audio system. Regardless of the trim, ILX has only one USB port along with a 12-volt socket in the center armrest, which is likely to cause passengers to jockeying to taste dying phones.

The only major technological enhancement is the addition of the AcuraWatch security package, which is standard on every ILX, and bundles adaptive cruise control, automatic emergency braking and lane departure response with lane-keeping assist. Moving to the Premium or Technology trims gives you a blind spot check and rear traffic monitoring alert.

The overall layout is the same, but the ILX Infotainment and Technology Technique has been updated.

Jon Wong / Roadshow

A surprisingly skilled artist

Each ILX is powered by the same 2.4-liter inline four-cylinder engine as the old model, with 201 horsepower and 180 pound-torque torque. An eight-step double coupling is the only transmission available for the front wheels. According to the EPA, this drift line should return 24 miles per gallon in the city and 34 mpg on the highway.

If you are a fan of old schools Honda and Acura models, you will love this highly rewarded, naturally aspired inline four. There really is no rocket ship outside the line, but the power gradually builds up to the 6,900 rpm row. The sport mode keeps the engine spinning high in each gear, the transmission burns fast upshifts and smooth, tear-matched downshifts. Acura dual clutch automation is not as good as the Audi S-Tronic gearbox, but it’s close.

ILX’s suspension gets a real workout on the twisted country roads outside Columbus, Ohio. I like the sharp touch, respectable grip on the Continental rubber and nicely controlled body roll. Certainly, the front end will wipe out if you turn the bomb a tight turn, but everyone said the ILX is a really nice car to drive exciting. The only real dynamic disappointment is the control, which is too bright for my taste.

A good driving force and well-sorted suspension makes the ILX a fun driver.

Jon Wong / Roadshow

Slow down, ILX shuffles through cities with respectable poise. Unlike some dual-coupling transmissions, the ILX launches smoothly in the first gear and does not move down at low speeds. Rugged as the suspension, it’s a lucky medium with sufficient attenuation to make ILX comfortable in everyday driving situations. My only complaint in the city is that the ILX sounds a lot of tires and wind noise in the cabin.

More bang for your buck

With a base price of $ 26,895, including $ 995 for destination, the Acura ILX price tag 2019 is actually $ 2 200 less than its predecessor . Upgrade to the Premium Model with the Better Infotainment Setting for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto encountered $ 28,645 price tag while the top line Technology trim begins at $ 30,545. The A-Spec package adds an additional $ 2,000 at the end of either Premium or Technology cars.

Given its enhanced look and a longer list of standard security features, ILX is a much better value than ever before – one of the best in its class, actually. But with old legs and old technology, I’m not sure if it’s enough to really move the sales needle for this often overlooked compact luxury sauce.

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