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Samaira Mehta, 10-year-old Coder, already has Google & Microsoft's attention

Samaira Mehta, despite being just 10 years old, acquired what Business Insider describes as a "cultlike successive" thanks to her…

Samaira Mehta, despite being just 10 years old, acquired what Business Insider describes as a “cultlike successive” thanks to her success as a computer programmer. This young encoder is the CEO and founder of a company called CoderBunnyz. Samaira has received a national recognition for his company and has spoken at more than a dozen conferences over Silicon Valley.

Eyes first landed at Mehta when she was only 8 years old after creating a game called CoderBunnyz . The purpose of the game was to teach other children – just like her – how to be a programmer too. According to Business Insider young Samaira computer coding began when she was only 6 years old.

Mehta’s successful marketing of her CoderBunnyz game was not just a lucky accident or pure trip. Her father, Rakesh, helped her create an effective marketing plan to start the game. Given his father’s career as an Intel engineer and an alum at Sun Microsystems / Oracle, Samaira’s interest in computer programming is sensible.

Mehta’s game was so successful, she launched a sequel to teach child coding using artificial intelligence called CoderMindz . Her second game is thought of as the first AI board game to meet the market. The game will focus on teaching children’s basic AI concepts and principles.

Her younger brother – 6 year old Aadit – helped her in the development of the new game. At the same age, his sister, when the father began to teach her to encode, Aadit also assumes to do good things.

The talented young lady has met a number of influential people, including Mark Zuckerberg. Mehta went trick-or-treating in Zuckerberg’s neighborhood and stood in a “very long line” for the opportunity to meet him. She took the opportunity to talk to Zuckerberg about her interest in coding.

] “He distributed chocolate. I told him I was a young encoder and he told me to continue, you’re fine.” Samaira recalled Business Insider .

As her game continued to be recognition, Samaira was booked for workshops across Silicon Valley. This included a workshop at Google’s headquarters where Stacy Sullivan, Google’s Chief Culture Officer, told the young encoder that she could come to Google when she finished college. In addition to Google and many other companies, Samaira also presented a presentation in Microsoft.

While many companies like Google and Microsoft has her eyes on this young encoder, she is not sure what her plans are or whether she would like to work for these companies in the future. In view of her success and talent, she is likely to work for which company she chooses.

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