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Safe browsing comes to WebView: how do Android users benefit?


WebView receives through Google Play Y Google Chrome a new update to be placed on the version 66 . A version that promises a higher level of security since it implements natively the secure browsing , so it will protect users of malware Y phishing . We tell you why it is an interesting change and in what sense you benefit if you have an Android smartphone.

As Google has made known through the blog Android Developer s, WebView receive a upgrade . A new version responsible for implementing a security improvement of which the vast majority of Android users It will benefit because both Google Chrome and a number of applications make use of this important component of the Google software platform.

The importance of WebView

If you have asked what is WebView , we can summarize it in that it is an Android system app that is implemented natively and that is responsible for providing an additional interface for system apps and third parties so that they are able to render web pages within the app itself , without the need to resort to a web browser. An option that translates into a more harmonious and simple user experience. To give an example, WebView is responsible for showing you a web page when you access it from the Facebook application.

WebView with secure browsing

Well, the novelty included in WebView is nothing other than the default implementation of the secure browsing . In essence, it is a filter compiled and updated by Google itself with which WebView rejects the access to certain Identified web pages by the company for the risk which may involve access to it. In this way, safe navigation is a measure of additional protection to avoid, among other types of attack, the phishing and the malware .

Safe browsing comes to WebView: how do Android users benefit?

The user can be aware that a link derives to a website cataloged as harmful from a web interface as shown in the capture, although developers have the ability to customize it from API 27, available from Android 8.1 Oreo.

An instant improvement

So, with the WebView update , the user has a higher level of protection when accessing the web through third-party applications. In the same way, being integrated by default in Google Chrome, we also have this type of filter.

However, this feature is also implemented with the Google browser through the update of it. As we have already indicated, you do not have to worry about updating this component since it already does it by itself through the updates of Google Chrome, although those that do not have it installed will receive the new version through Google Play automatically.