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Ryan Zinke answers Raul Grijalva's claim that he leaves by calling him a drinker

Zinkes tweet came in response to the summit for democratic representatives of natural resources. Raul Grijalva urges the Secretary of…

Zinkes tweet came in response to the summit for democratic representatives of natural resources. Raul Grijalva urges the Secretary of State to resign in a US edition today, referring to the inspector’s general investigations, one of which was referred to the Justice Department.

In his response, Zinke did not take up Grijalva’s statements, but instead said that it was “difficult for (Grijalva) to think straight from the bottom.”

“This comes from a man who spent almost $ 50,000 in treasure dollars as hush money to cover up his drunk and hostile behavior. He should resign and pay back the taxpayer for hush money and tens of thousands of dollars he forced my department to spend investigate unfounded claims, “wrote Zinke in tweet.

After Zinke’s tweet, Grijalva responded through a statement from his office: “The American people know who I am here to serve, and they know what interests I think. They do not know the same about secretary Zinke.”

The update and the tweet emphasizes the tense relationships that are expected to evolve as Democrats take charge of the Chamber in January and launch a series of Trump Administration investigations.

Grijalva has long expressed concern about Zinke, but in the minority had few tools at his disposal to call the secretary to the committee or demand answers to questions he had about national monuments, endangered species for ethical issues to the secretary. It’s about changing.

In his invitation, Grijalva Zinke called on to quit, “I have no pleasure in claiming this step, and I oppose it, even though questions have become adults about Zinc’s ethical and leading failures.”

“Unfortunately, his behavior in the office and the failure of President Donald Trump in establishing ethical standards for his own cabinet made it inevitable, “he said.

When responding to the conduct, Zinke’s attack on Grijala’s character did not include specifications, but the Washington Times reported that Grijalva in 201

5 reached a settlement with a woman in her office to pay $ 48,000, according to the women, the woman complained that Grijalva was often under the influence of alcohol and created an hostile work environment. Grijalva strongly denied that he drank at work or promoted any kind of hostile work environment. He said in an op-ed for that said “I do not work while it’s full and has never had a hostile working environment.”

However, he said that “agreeing on a severance package enabled the committee to proceed with its business as soon as possible and for the former employees to quickly start seeking new opportunities.”

He noted that he could not prepare a complaint under a publicity agreement.

Expected to arrange natural resources, Grijalva said he planned to continue digging into Zinke.

“Should I be the chairman of the January committee, which I hope to do, these questions will only be intensified as part of my legitimate supervisory duties by my and my colleagues. If Zinke stops, stonewalling believes that a Cabinet Secretary only responds on Trump would be a mistake, “wrote Grijalva

The Secretary General of the Interior at the Interior Department still has two active investigations in Zinke about whether the Interior Department failed to block a casino store in Connecticut and in conversation Zinke had with Halliburton chairman David Lesar about a development project in Zinces hometown of Whitefish Montana.

In October, CNN reported that the Secretary General of the Inspector had referred Zinke to the Department of Justice investigations and that the Ministry of Justice investigated the Interior Secretary.

Zinke said he had not been contacted by the Ministry of Justice.

“They have not talked to me, it will be the same as all other investigations. I follow all the rules, procedures, regulations and most importantly the law. This is another politically driven investigation that has no merit,” told Zinke for CNN.

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