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Russian seizures of Ukrainian shipping off Crimean sparks alarm

Kiev (AFP) – Russia has used three Ukrainian shipping vessels in water near the Moscow-attached Crimea, which causes fear of…

Kiev (AFP) – Russia has used three Ukrainian shipping vessels in water near the Moscow-attached Crimea, which causes fear of military escalation and calls for an emergency meeting in the UN Security Council on Monday.

In an unprecedented event, Russia used weapons against the Ukrainian ships as it allegedly illegal in their waters before boarding and seeking them, confirming the country’s security system.

The crisis was developed on Sunday as two Ukrainian small warships and a tugboat went through the Kerch stretch, a narrow waterway that provides access to the Azov Sea used by Ukraine and Russia.

Ukraine said that a Russian border watcher rammed the tug of “openly aggressive actions” and then fired on the ships, which immobilize all three. [19659005] It said that the Kerch stretches were blocked by a tanker and that Russian military aircraft flew across the area.

The confrontation at sea is a dangerous development in the long-standing conflict pitting Ukraine against Moscow and Russian spine rebels in the eastern part of the country.

UN Security Council is holding an emergency meeting on Monday to discuss escalation, said US ambassador to UN Nikki Haley. The meeting was requested by both Russia and Ukraine, diplomatic sources told AFP.

At the same time, President of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, has asked Parliament to vote on whether to introduce warfare in the country for 60 days after his military cabinet had recommended the move at a senate meeting.

Throwing weight behind the action, which is not guaranteed to pass, he said “in some way means that Ukraine will carry out some offensive measures”.

“I want to emphasize separately that we have all the unambiguous evidence that this aggression, this attack on the Ukrainian Navy’s warship was a mistake, not an accident but a deliberate act,” he said in a statement.

Ukraine said six of its soldiers were injured, two seriously, but Russia’s FSB reported that only three had suffered life-threatening injuries and received medical treatment.

Protesters, some armed with flares, rallied outside the Russian embassy in Kiev on Sunday night in the travel punch for the latest developments.

– West Calls for Detention –

The fuse has triggered alarms among Kiev’s Western Allies.

“We expect Russia to restore freedom of passage at the Kerch stretch, and urges all to act the extreme disadvantage of escalating the situation immediately,” the European Union said in a statement.

NATO also called for “restraint and scaling” and called on Russia “to ensure unrestricted access to Ukrainian ports in the Azores, in accordance with international law.”

Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry said that “aggressive actions” were a violation of international law that would be met with “an international and diplomatic legal response”.

Russia claims that the waters are outside the Crimea after attaching the Peninsula 2014.

“The British border, the three Ukrainian ships – Berdyansk, Nikopol and Yani Kapu – tried again on November 25 at 19.00 (Moscow time) to do illegal acts in Russia n territorial water, “said the FSB on Sunday.

The FSB, which oversees the border guard service, also said that the Ukrainian ships had failed to respond to the Russian authorities’ “legal requirements”.

Russian politicians accused Ukraine of acting for their Western allies and deliberately trying to escalate the conflict.

Crime reader Sergei Aksyonov wrote on Facebook that he “was sure that the western masters of the Kiev regime are behind this provocation act”. [19659023] Pyotr Tolstoy, Deputy Speaker of the Russian Parliament, warned on Facebook that “the Ukrainian puppet authorities … risk releasing a major military conflict.”

“One thing is clear: Russia does not allow military provocations in its territorial waters.”

– Increased Russian controls –

Ukraine said it gave Russia warning about its ship’s route, which its vessels are obliged to take to reach the Azores sea.

In September, Ukrainian na vy was complained of “provocation documents” by Russian border guards against their ships who took the same route.

Ukraine has increased the number of navy vessels and border guard patrols in the Azov Sea after Russia utilized five more warships.

Kiev states that naval construction is due to Russia’s intensification of controls in the area this year and to carry out long-term checks on commercial freight that were very expensive for freight and port companies.

Kiev and West have accused Moscow of deliberately blocking ships from access to Mariupol, which has vital access to heavy industry in the region.

Mariupol is located near the Eastern Ukraine region controlled by Russian-backed separatists in a conflict that has caused at least 10,000 deaths since 2014.

United Kingdom States, an important allied in Ukraine, oppose Russia’s takeover of the Crimea and appears to reduce Ukraine’s dependence on Russian gas pipelines.

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