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Russian Security Bureau Hit of terrorist attack

MOSKVA-A bomb exploded Wednesday at a regional headquarters in Russia's federal security service and killed the teens who carried it…

MOSKVA-A bomb exploded Wednesday at a regional headquarters in Russia’s federal security service and killed the teens who carried it into the building and injured three security officers in a rare terrorist attack at the country’s most powerful security agency.

Authorities said that a 17-year-old male resident lives the bomb in the lobby of the FSB building, located in the northern province of Arkhangelsk. The device exploded after removing it from a bag, Russia’s anti-terrorism committee said in a statement.

Investigators opened a probe in terrorism and illegal possession of ammunition, conduct searches at suspected homes and control their family and social circle, authorities said.

According to Russian media reports, the suspect sent a warning on an anarchic bulletin board online a couple of minutes before the blasting. Describing himself as a communist and an anarchist, he wrote that he had decided to act because the FSB made cases and tortured people. “Probably I’m going to die because of the explosion,” said the announcement, according to reports.

 A Russian police officer is patrolling in a street near a building that holds security services in Arkhangelsk.

A Russian police officer is patrolling a street near a building that holds the security control service in Arkhangelsk.


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The message has not been confirmed by the authorities, but they said that they check if he belonged to “forbidden organizations”.

The incident comes two weeks after the authorities said an 18-year-old student blasted explosives and opened fire at a college in the Crimea, killing 21 people and injured dozens before taking his own life. Authorities classified this attack as massacre rather than terrorism.

Terror attacks are not unprecedented in Russia, which has suffered separatist violence after the Soviet Union’s fall and a flood of Islamic state-inspired attacks in recent years, an attack on an FSB headquarters is rare outside the predominant Muslim northern Caucasus region.

Earlier this month, President Vladimir Putin said that FSB, a successor to Soviet KGB, had prevented 26 terrorist-related crimes in Russia, including 15 terrorist attacks since the beginning of the year. The Office prevented 18 terrorist attacks in 2017.

During Putin, which led the FSB in the late 1990s, the Agency has gathered great power, including the authority to force social media and online services to give it access to all their communications without legal permission.

The increased influence of the FSB has aroused human rights activists who accuse their agents of often acting impunity and assume they are over the law.

The FSB officers injured on Wednesday attacked the hospital and Mr Putin was informed, officials said.

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