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Russia deploys new laser weapon with Russian armed forces

A new Russian laser weapon designed to immediately wipe out targets in the military service this weekend revealed the Russian…

A new Russian laser weapon designed to immediately wipe out targets in the military service this weekend revealed the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Russia’s Peresvet Laser System, named after the medieval war monument Alexander Peresvet, entered the Experimental Warfare on December 1, the Russian Ministry of Defense official Krasnaya Zvezda reported on Wednesday.

The military began to take the first broadcasts last year as part of Russia’s ongoing military modernization program, according to The Moscow Times, and there are speculation that the lasers could shoot down incoming missiles and aircraft.

WATCH: Russia reveals Peresvet laser system

Russian President Vladimir Putin first announced the new laser weapon in March under his state’s address, where he briefly introduced “Combat Laser Complex”. “

” We have achieved significant advances in the laser weapon, “he cried:” It’s not just a concept or a plan anymore. It is not even in the early stages of production. Since last year our troops have been armed with the laser weapon. “

” We are a step ahead of our rivals, “Putin puts without giving any evidence.

Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov offered some more information in an interview with the Russian state media outlet TASS, declaring that the device could destroy targets” within a fraction of one second. “

” We can talk a lot about laser weapons and films were made about them a long time ago and amazing books have been written, and everyone knows about it, “he introduced.” But the fact that these systems have begun into service is really a reality of the day. “

The Russian Ministry of Defense presented a video of the weapon back in July before it officially entered service.

Not much publicly known about the Peresvet combat system, which Sputnik, a Russian media outlet controlled by the government noted. What exactly has been the subject of much speculation.

“It is expected to be an air defense system that can track and shoot hostile a aircraft and missiles, “explains Sputnik and adds. “Some suggest that it will be the mission of” dazzling “sophisticated enemy systems, which makes them unsuitable.”

Other countries, like the United States and China, also develop targeted energy platforms.

China revealed the LW-30, a vehicle-based laser weapon that was built to quickly eliminate a variety of air targets, at Airshow China 201

8 in Zhuhai last month.

Experts speculated that the weapon designed by China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation (CASIC) could be distributed to the South China Sea.

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