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Russell Westbrook shows the “rocking the baby” celebration often in the Oklahoma City Thunder's routine by LA Clippers

October 31, 2018 Sports 0 Views OKLAHOMA CITY – Russell Westbrook met on the left flute and swims Patrick Beverley.…

OKLAHOMA CITY – Russell Westbrook met on the left flute and swims Patrick Beverley. With a violent turn over his head, he moved the ball to the left and exploded with two dribbles at the rim. He blew past Beverley and lighted the ball from the back plate.

When the ball bounced up on him, Westbrook wiped his arms and rocked them back and forth and rocked the talkative baby. It’s a new celebration feature that he has drawn a few times this season and knocked it out earlier in the game after scoring over Avery Bradley. This, with defender Beverley, with some probable emphasis, Westbrook caused an extra little bit, even topped it with a goodnight kiss in the end.

“Yes, you have little children, you have little children, to sleep,” said Westbrook. “


Russell Westbrook slithers by Patrick Beverley to finish on the rim and celebrate with a rock- a-bye baby exercise.

Westbrook is an experienced rocker with a 17 month old son plus two twin girls on the way to autumn. He put Clippers to bed when Thunder exceeded a 13-point half-time card, which put the tone in the third quarter. The Thunder used hyper-energetic defense and transitional breaks that came out of the locker room on a 20-0 run which became a 39-10 quarter and a 74-43 second halfway heading to 128-110 victory.

“He’s the engine, he’s the leader and he makes us go,” said Paul George. “You see him coming after it and our job is to back him up. That’s all it is. We see him turning that chin and going to another level. Our job is to match it. “

Westbrook constantly attacked Clipper’s downhill and in the color resists midrange pull ups and 3s in favor of units at the rim. He finished 32 points on 13-of-25 shots plus 4 rebounds and 9 assists.

“When I watch small watches when the punters guard their position,” he said, “I’ll punish them. “

After a 0-4 start, Thunder was on Sunday against Suns, a likely lottery team lacking its biggest star in Devin Booker. The game against the quality clip was a simpler test and after a hacking first half that contained a lot of whistles and a thunder-thrown thunder, Thunder took another flat, confusing result.

  • Tensions between Russell Westbrook and Patrick Beverley, who have a long history, were boiled over in the fourth quarter of Tuesday night, eventually resulting in dual technical mistakes and a flagrant foul 1 at Beverley to dive into Westbrook knees.

Everything changed during the third quarter and although it’s still early in the season there was a feeling in the dressing room after the match that the thunder has locked up a bit. They shot the ball miserably in their four losses – two were without Westbrook – and lacked a certain edge. Westbrook, who missed all training camps after September knee surgery, shook fast Roads of Rust and George did not play to their expected superstar level.

But the other half towards Clippers looked like Thunder wants to be. Westbrook drives everything that Thunder makes emotionally, George completes the efficiency holes with even, still points and defense swarms and creates ongoing opportunities. George started slowly Tuesday night, but when Westbrook revived his engine, George came to life with 22 of his 32 in the second half.

Thunder spent the offseason tweaking roster, with a key subtraction and key addition, fine tuning to try fit the identity Westbrook dictates and a coach Billy Donovan prefers. They want to play at speed and speed, make quick decisions and relentlessly attack defense. It’s not that Tuesday’s game is the formula, but it’s a glimpse of the logic.

“I do not say it’s sustainable to hold a team to 10 points in the quarter, but you have to play,” Donovan said. “That’s what it requires.”

Emotions struck in the fourth quarter with Beverley dives after a loose ball after a whistle and crashes into Westbrook knee and sets up dual technicals between the two and a flagrant foul 1 for Beverley after a review. There is a long-known story between them and Westbrook made sure to break out the rock-a-baby celebration after scoring on him. Beverley imitated it back in Westbrook direction after scoring over Dennis Schroder at a time, which received about as much as you could expect.

Westbrook looked out with about three minutes left and Thunder up 20, went to the bench with smugglers and happy node – the child was down and it was time to rest.

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