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Rudy Giuliani says Twitter Sabotaged His Tweet. Actually, he did it himself.

December 5, 2018 US 0 Views When Jason Velazquez, 37, who owns a web design company in Atlanta, saw the…

When Jason Velazquez, 37, who owns a web design company in Atlanta, saw the tweet, he immediately bought the domain for about $ 5. He then created a page with a simple message, as anyone who clicked on Giuliani’s inadvertent link would see: ” Donald J. Trump is a traitor to our country. ” The whole process took him about 15 minutes, Velazquez said on Tuesday.

It was the kind of throwing away gag that maintains Twitter users for a few hours before they always disappear from memory. But Mr. Giuliani preserved it in amber by following up on Tuesday with the undisputed accusation against Twitter, which has often occurred prejudice from republicans. He identified it as proof that Twitter employees were “short-wearing anti-Trumpers”.

A Twitter spokesman said that “the accusation that we artificially inject something into a tweet is completely wrong.” The company is unable to edit the user’s tweets, he said.

In the case of Giuliani’s argument that the second “period no space” example in its original tweet did not create a similar link, it is because Helsinki.Either so far does not work domain.

Many Twitter users could not resist that Giuliani, who spent 16 years as a security consultant, was originally taken into the Trump Administration as a security advisor. (He certainly has more digital knowledge than Japan’s cyber security chief, who recently acknowledged that he is not using computers.)

It is not uncommon for political figures to show lack of understanding of the internet’s machines. Ted Stevens, a former Alaska senator, was immediately called in 2006 when he described the internet as “a series of tubes”.

It’s also not the first time that politicians have had problems with domain names. For example, Senator Ted Cruz in Texas does not own the domain, which resulted in the site displaying a pro-Hillary Clinton message shortly after releasing the presidential election in 2016.

Mr.. Velazquez said he had had some time to perform his injury last week. He saw Giuliani’s tweet at 6.20. and had to act in an improvisation at 19:00.

He was on another improvisation on Tuesday when he saw Giuliani’s follow-up. He said he was confused.

“He could have removed it and everyone would have forgotten it, my tweet would have stopped going viral,” he said. “Instead, he tweeted it and created a conspiracy theory against Twitter.”

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