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Row of Nipah Death Fee in Kerala

: A row broke out on Saturday of Nipah's death fee in Kerala as an international medical journal stating that…

: A row broke out on Saturday of Nipah’s death fee in Kerala as an international medical journal stating that the fatal virus had claimed 21 lives, which contradicts the official figure of 17 deaths.

According to government figures, Nipah virus has claimed 17 lives – 14 in Kozhikode and three in NeighboringMalappuram since its eruption in May this year.

The figure includes the death of Mohammed Sabith, the first time, whose test had not been tested for Nipah.

A new report published in the Journal of Infectious Diseases, however, has shown that the total Nipah death in Kerala was 21

Interestingly, the State Secretary Rajeev Sadanandan was the experts who prepared the study report in the global journal.

Responded to media reports on the matter, said HealthMinister KK Shylaja according to the state estimation, 1

8 people had tested positive for the fatal virus.

The government had updated the death rate as 17 in July after including death Sabith, the first victim, whose test had not been tested for Nipah.

The others had only shown symptoms of the fatal virus, but health officials could not confirm the infection because their tests were not collected, she told reporters in Kozhikode on Saturday.

It seemed that the newspaper, however, counted the misery

Sadanand rejected the controversy over the study report saying that there was no confusion about the figures.

Of a total of 246 samples sent, 18 clinically confirmed were positive, he said.

“When you can not control the samples, it remains in the list of probabilities.

When we verified cases, four cases have been found as probabilities, but there were no samples,” he told PTI.

“Thus, there were a total of 23 cases. An index drop (Sabith), 18 confirmed cases and four probable cases,” he said, adding that the academic journal has its own criteria for preparing the report.

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