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Roger Stone talked with Trump on the phone the day after he got worded a WikiLeaks campaign email dump came.

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New evidence from the Right Conspiracy Theorem Jerome Corsis Negotiations on Negotiations with Robert Mueller’s Team have set the Trump campaign’s potential link to WikiLeaks 2016 editions of e-mails that harm Hillary Clinton’s front and center in Russia’s investigation. Corsi announced this week that he refused an agreement from the Special Adviser and released a draft basic document describing an email from Corsi to Trump Campaign Advisor Roger Stone, who warned Stone that he had heard that WikiLeaks was set to release “very harmful “material on the Clinton campaign. The email forwarded that information to Stone was dated August 2, 2016. The following day, according to the Washington Post reported Wednesday, Stone spoke to Trump on the phone.

“In an interview, Stone claimed that the subject hacked emails never became the subject of the 3rd phone call – or in any other communication with Trump”, according to the post. “It did not get up,” said Stone. “I can say that we never discussed WikiLeaks. I’m not sure what I’d ever told him, because it’s all speculation … I just did not know if it’s true or not.” Sten’s call is absolutely absolute evidence , but the circumstances seem to be closing on Trump. The conversation does not put Trump in the driver’s seat on the WikiLeaks editions without any stretch, but they certainly relate him much closer to the action and can alert him to the threatening release of more harmful emails.

For reference, here’s where the third third call fits into the timeline for the WikiLeaks editions.

July 22, 2016 – On the threshold of the Democratic National Convention WikiLeaks begins publishing 50,000 hacked DNC emails continuing the race.

July 25th th -Roger Stone mailed Jerome Corsi, according to the draft Corsi plea deal, after saying that another WikiLeaks e-mail dump was in the works. Stone had received a forwarded email from Fox News reporter James Rosen as follows: “Has said that WikiLeaks will make a massive dumping of HRC emails related to [Clinton Foundation] in September.” Stone then sent Corsi. “Get to [Assange] [a] t Ecuadorian Embassy in London and get the ongoing [WikiLeaks] emails …. They handle the foundation, allegedly,” he wrote.

July 27th th -Two days later, at a press conference, Trump unbelievably asked Russia to release a cache of Clinton emails. “Russia, if you listen, I hope you can find the 30,000 emails missing … I think you’re likely to be highly rewarded by our press. Let’s see if it happens. It will be next. “The same day, Russian hackers made their first attempt to access the private Clinton server according to Mueller’s accusation for Russian intelligence officials allegedly involved in cyber attacks.

Aug. 2 nd -Corsi email Stone follows the potential WikiLeaks email dump. “Words are friends in the embassy, ​​planning 2 more dumps,” wrote Corsi according to the draft filing. “The effect is planned to be very harmful … The time to let more than [Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta] be exposed as in the bed, unless they are ready to let go [Clinton]. It seems to be the game that hackers are about.”

Aug. 3rd -Stone says he was talking to then Trump candidate on the phone.

October 7 th -WikiLeaks begins releasing hacked e-mails from Campaign Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta.

It’s far from irony, crucial evidence, but suddenly it just became quite smoky in here.

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