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Roger Stone claims fifth amendment in Senate Russia's probe

Sten's lawyer Grant Smith rejected a request from the top democrat in the Senate Court of Appeal on the week…

Sten’s lawyer Grant Smith rejected a request from the top democrat in the Senate Court of Appeal on the week for documents and an interview linked to the 2016 Russian Electoral Service. And Smith said that he sent a similar letter to the Senate Learning Committee in September on the occasion of the fifth after the committee, which is still studying Russian interrogation, requested documents and an interview.

Smith sent a letter to Sen. Dianne Feinstein in California stated that the stone reduced Feinstein’s requests, which she released on Twitter on Tuesday.

“Mr. Stein’s call for his fifth change privilege must be understood by all to be the claim of a constitutional right of an innocent citizen condemning confidentiality,” the letter says.

Special Council Robert Mueller also investigates whether Stone communicated with Julian Assange and WikiLeaks during the 201

6 election, either directly or through intermediaries. Mueller has spoken with a number of Stone’s intermediaries, but he still has not reached Stone himself, Smith said.

The letter was sent as Trump tweeted on Monday that Stone had “bowel” to say he would not witness Trump in Mueller’s investigation. But Trump has also been critical of those claiming the fifth. “Mob takes fifth. If you’re innocent, why are you taking the fifth amendment?” He said in September 2016 rally.

“Mr. Stone was surprised by President’s Tweet yesterday,” Smith told CNN. “This letter … and the one sent in September to the Senate Intel Committee before the president’s Tweet in support of Mr. Stone.”

In his letter to Feinstein, Smith noted that Stone has already witnessed the House Intelligence Committee.

“The requests, as previously said to staff, are far too overbuilt, overreactive, far too extensive, both in their comprehensive list of persons to whom the request could relate to what Stone has communicated over the last three years, and” the documents relating to “unfairness of the requests”, wrote Smith.

As a ranking member of the Senate Court, Feinstein can not force testimony or document production. But the Senate Learning Committee has the verdict and has kept its two-party investigation on Russian counterfeits.

Feinstein has still requested that documents from several Trump campaign officials be linked to Trump. Feinstein sent his request to Stone in November 2017, which means he took more than a year before declining to attend.

The letter may also be a signal to the House Intelligence Committee, where likely future President Adam Schiff in California has stated that he believes that Stone may have misled the committee in his testimony.

Smith has contested Schiff’s claims when asked about the letter to Feinstein.

“Instead of engaging in hair splitting and frivolous argument regarding semantics, Mr. Stone has challenged Congressman Schiff to provide any evidence he has that Mr. Stone had knowledge of the source or content of WikiLeak’s disclosures, including possibly hacked or alleged stolen e-mails finally published by Wikileaks, Smith said.

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