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Roberto Destephan: Miami officer suspended for “anti-Semitic” deterrence of Jewish texts

Alex Horton General Mission Reports Covering National and Breaking News December 1 at 17:25 At the back of the pickup,…

At the back of the pickup, rubbish was filled when Miami police added the Jewish script to the heap.

Sergeant. Roberto Destephan first dropped a case written with the star of David in the loadbed bed.

Then he contained in the undeaded video, first published by ABC Local 10 on Friday, Tanakh’s holy Jewish texts that include Torah. [19659006] “This shit, f — this,” he said as he threw the book into the truck. “Take out the garbage, dawg.”

The video asked Miami police chief Jorge Colina to postpone Destephan, the department announced Friday called the officer’s comments “anti-Semitic” disturbing and inconsistent with the department’s valuations.

“I would like to assure our citizens about all religions we stand in solidarity with them,” said Colina.

The department did not answer questions that sought further comments about Destfan’s status and Destephan, a vice president with the local police union, could not be reached for comment. His organization, the Miami Lodge of the Brotherhood of Police, called the video “heavily edited” and an attempt to sabotage Destephan before his re-election.

John Cunill, a Florida lawyer, told the Washington Post that his law firm received the video and gave it to ABC Local 10 but refused to say how the company got the video.

“It’s just something wrong. It’s morally wrong, Cunill said about Destfan’s comments.

In February, the Anti-Defamation League reported that the number of anti-Semitic incidents in the United States increased by 60 percent in 2017 compared with the previous year.

About 630,000 The Jewish people live in Florida and most live in southern Florida where Miami is located, according to the Miami Herald.

Miami FOP said that the film was filmed many years ago and was taken in conjunction with an organizational office set-up that involved mold and termites.

The video “does not take the whole and the whole conversation”, says the statement without evidence. The group’s lawyer, Robert Buschel, did not return a call that sought comments.

Destephan, under the name “Robert”, was still Listed as Vice Chairman of the Group’s Website Saturday.

In the statement, the union said an email Destefan’s withdrawal from the race was sent anonymously, using the “doctor rattled “the video as extortion. The alleged email was not provided in the release.

Cunill said the video did not seem edited for him.

“While the created video seems to be unpleasant and insensitive at first glance, we believe when the whole story is completely investigated, the unfair motivations behind its creation will become evident,” the statement read.

The chapter collaborates with investigators and does not condemn discrimination, the chapter said.

But an online message for Miami officers swam with languages ​​that are often overlooked by Destinn’s speech in the video. Anonymous posters speculated that everyone from Destephan’s competitors to Chief Colina and city officials stood behind the video’s release.

There were some dissenters.

“No matter how the lawyers are running the story now to defend this moron, it’s another

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