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Robert Bowers: What we know so far if the Pittsburgh synagogue is shooting suspiciously

Sagittarius made anti-Jewish comments after he was arrested, a law enforcement official told CNN. The bloodshed took place on the…

Sagittarius made anti-Jewish comments after he was arrested, a law enforcement official told CNN. The bloodshed took place on the same day as Saturday cabinet services. At the time of the shooting, three different congregations held services at the Tree of Life.

At a conference on Saturday afternoon officials said that the suspect was in the squirrel eyesight for about 20 minutes. After the attack and when he left the building, Bowers supported a law enforcement officer and the two exchanges the shooting, officials said. The suspect went back inside to hide from SWAT officers. Bowers was in good condition Saturday night with several shootings, officials said. It is assumed that he was shot by the police.

Trump says the synagogue should have had armed guards

He was not known for law enforcement

“By this time, we do not know that Bowers was known for law enforcement before today,” said Bob Jones, FBI Pittsburgh special agent responsible. Jones said that while Bower’s alleged motives were unknown, officials believed that he acted alone.

He has an active license to carry firearms

Bowers has an active license and has made at least six known firearms purchases since 1

996, a law enforcement official known for the investigation said. On September 29, Bower released pictures of his gun collection on his account, which included several clips and sights. A rifle and three handguns were found on the attack side, the FBI said.

He accused Jews of helping migrants’ carriages

On his account, Bowers claimed that Jews helped transport members to the migrated caravans. He shared a video that another user wrote, namely a Jewish refugee advocacy group HIAS on the US-Mexico border. Another post as Boren commented described HIAS overall efforts as “sugar-laden evil.”

Sixteen days before the attack, Bowers wrote a website from HIAS who listed a number of Shabbats held on behalf of refugees, an official said. On that list was a Shabbat address less than a mile from the synagogue of life. (HIAS Managing Director, Mark Hetfield, said Bowers is not known for the group.)

He called them in immigrants “Invaders”

According to his posts, Bowers believed that those in the migrated carriages were violent as they attempted leave countries with high violence. And Bowers repeatedly called them “invaders” on his Gab post. “I have noticed a change of people who say” illegal “who now says” invaders “,” read a post, six days before shooting. “I like this.”

A law enforcement source confirmed CNN that investigators believe that social media belong to Bowers and that the language of his account matches the suspicious motivation behind the scoops.

His last post was five minutes before the police warned the shot

In the Gab post, Bowers said he “can not sit and see my people be slaughtered. Screw your optics, I’m going in.”

 Bowers & # 39; Photo on

His Gabo Account Has Frequent Anti-Semitic Posts

He has reposted a number of posts on his social media accounts telling Jews to come out or leave. Gab is a social media platform that advocates freedom of speech and puts almost no content restrictions.

(In a statement presented online, Gab says it “undoubtedly disavows and condemns all terrorism and acts of violence … Gab’s mission is very simple: defending freedom and individual freedom online for all people.” Gab said it was warned of The suspected profile on his platform, backed up the data, suspended the account and contacted the FBI.)

His postings included criticism of President Trump

Among the many anti-Semitic social media were comments that indicate that President Trump was surrounded by too many Jewish people. “Trump is surrounded by k ****”, “Things will remain the course,” read a post on Gab’s Social Media Platform, which used a derogatory term to describe Jews. Another post, apparently intended as an insult, read: “Trump is a globalist, not a nationalist,” said Bowers two days before the shooting. “There is no #MAGA as long as there is ak *** attack.

He said he did not vote for Trump

About four hours before the shot, Bowers commented in a post that he did not vote for Trump.

He was involved in trucking

A law enforcement official who is familiar with the ongoing investigation tells CNN that Bowers has a commercial driving license and a history related to the truck industry.

He received a traffic citation 2015

A CNN review of criminal records found a traffic bill for 2015 against Bowers to indicate that they drove without tags.

Fees include hatred

Bowers faces 29 charges at all, including 11 bills of using firearms to commit murder and multiple bills of two hate crime: obstruction of religious convictions resulting in death and obstruction of the practice of religious beliefs leading to bodily harm to a public

“Violence violations are based on American lawyer Scott W. Brady and Bob Jones, the FBI Special Agent in charge of the Pittsburgh Office, said in a statement.

CNN’s Keith Allen, Steve Almasy, Josh Campbell, Matthew Hilk, Tammy Kupperman, Nadia Lancy, Shimon Prokupecz, Miguel Marquez, Evan Perez, AnneClaire Stapleton and Joe Sutton contributed to this report.

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