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Rinse batteries for electric scooters that burn in flames, says the company | American news

It was a late night at the end of August when an employee at a Lime scooter in Tahoe heard…

It was a late night at the end of August when an employee at a Lime scooter in Tahoe heard a loud bang. One of the light green carrots – which has meteorically swung streets in crowded cities around the world in the last year – had broken into flames, apparently all on their own.

According to a blog that lime is published on Tuesday, almost two months later, bad batteries were required. To find out that the defect had affected less than 0.01

% of “fleet”, the company acknowledged that a “lack of production could lead to the battery being fired or sometimes falling on fire”.

It’s the latest controversy over the dockless scooters that have spread to cities all over the world in recent years. Washington Post, who first reported the story, found that employees warned the company for potential problems and considered that they had not received sufficient attention, which meant that riders and juicers paid to charge the scooters overnight were unnecessary [19659002] Since its launch just over a year ago, Lime boasts millions of riders. The company emphasized in its response that it has taken extra precautions to ensure the safety of anyone using or loading their scooters.

Writing that the batteries were manufactured by Segway Ninebot, a company merged from a Chinese company and an American manufacturer of transport products, Lime said that it had created software to detect which were defective. Then it made a second program to find all Scooters that can have one, giving them all the home to the local headquarters.

“When a hit battery was identified – with a red code – we immediately disabled the scooter so that no members of the public can ride or upload it,” the company wrote in the statement.

reiterated that it would not take any chances, it will now also get employees familiar with the question at hand 24 hours a day at facilities where Segway Ninebot Scooters are held and will run daily diagnostics on all scooters, regardless of where they were made and if they can have rogue batteries.

However, according to Lime mechanic, who spoke anonymously to the post, their concerns about the scooters were dismissed by senior staff, especially over the safety of “juicers” who may have unintentionally loaded machines with potentially dangerous defects.

“These people put together these scooters in their house at night and fall asleep and think they’re safe and they only earned a slight $ 15, told a staff member for the post.” When I asked my managers if we were to tell they were all I got where shrugged shoulders and “I do not know.” “

Others expressed frustrations in their mechanic Slak chat and demanded that the company would remove the scooters from the market until the issues were better resolved.

” I understand that the shots are interchangeable and interchangeable, “wrote a person.” But are we now suspended to say the same to the safety of employees and customers? “

This is not the first security issue that was raised, as the scooters have quickly fallen into cities around the world. Considered as either hostage or savior in narrow cities, where cheap and efficient transportation is scarce, advocates have argued for their use as a sustainable l Solution, while critics point to the dangers.

Scooter caused nödlokalbesök becoming increasingly common, and there have been allegations that the management company has not made proper maintenance.

In cities like San Francisco, the answer was fast, and scooters that did not end up in rubbish or in local lakes were taken off the streets of regulatory authorities before they were taken back in smaller doses. Other cities work to create better scooter rules, as scooter startups continue to increase their scale.

Lime questions questions about their intentions, and stresses the safety is of utmost importance. “Lime takes full responsibility for our scooters,” wrote it. “The safety of our riders, juicers and community is our top priority, and we will continue to keep our equipment manufacturers and ourselves to the highest possible standard.”

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