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Rhino horn: Alarms that China facilitates 25-year ban on rhino and tiger parts

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 A wild male black rhino with the name Sambu is depicted after hacking from a helicopter in Lewa Conservancy on August 28, 2013.

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Rhino horn is highly valued in traditional Chinese medicine

Animal welfare actors are concerned about China’s decision to partially restore a ban on tiger bones and rhino horns.

Rhino and Tigers are both threatened in nature and China banned their trade in 1


But on Monday, it was said that parts of captivity would be allowed for scientific, medical and cultural use.

Experts worry that this increases the demand for the animals and compromises the efforts to protect them.

Rhino and tiger parts are highly valued in traditional Chinese medicine. They are prescribed to treat a wide variety of diseases, including fever, gout, insomnia and meningitis, thought that some benefits have not been proven.

“Destructive Consequences”

In a statement replacing the 25-year ban, the Council said that rhino horns and bones of dead tigers could be used in “qualified hospitals by qualified doctors.”

Animal products can only be obtained from farms, says it.

Parts of these animals classified as “antiques” could be used in cultural exchange if approved by the cultural authorities, “said the statement.

The World Animal Fund (WWF) said in a statement that the move would have “devastating consequences” and be a “huge setback” for efforts to protect the animals in nature.

“Although limited to antiques and use in hospitals, this trade would increase the confusion of consumers and law enforcement agencies about which non-legal products would likely extend the ts for other tiger and rhino products,” said WWF.

Rachel Nuwer, author of the book Poached: Inside The Dark World of Wildlife Trafficking said on Twitter, it could mean “game over” for the remaining tigers and rhinos in the world

. She claimed that trade in legally endangered species provides protection for parts of animals that have been illegally killed.

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