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Rex Tillerson just revealed Donald Trump's biggest weakness

"So often, the president would say that this is what I want to do and here's how I want to…

“So often, the president would say that this is what I want to do and here’s how I want to do it and I have to tell him, Mr. President. I understand what you want to do but you can not do. That’s it. contrary to the law. “

The United States President would tell the State Secretary how he would do things and the State Secretary would tell him that it could not be as he wanted because it was illegal?

This is all good!

What’s scary about Tillerson’s admission? A couple of things.

1) Trump also does not know the law or does not care about the law

2) This is not the first time we heard of this kind of I-team, Judge Dredd-like behavior from the president.

On the second point, remember that former FBI director James Comey has tested ̵

1; under oath – that Trump, in a one-off meeting, asked him to put aside the Justice Department investigation by former national security advisor Michael Flynn . The president then publicly pressed Jeff Sessions to conduct a survey of Hillary Clinton’s e-mail server. (Clinton was not charged in an earlier FBI survey.)

Trump has repeatedly – especially in his interaction with the Justice Department – demonstrated that he has no understanding of the boundaries of his job.

Tillerson described Trump as “a man who is unipiplined, does not like to read, does not read transcript reports, does not like to get into details about a lot of things without saying” this is what I think “19659004] This approach is largely consistent with Trump’s private sector experience. In business, he largely did what he wanted – rules (and consequences) were condemned. If things became bad, the punishment was generally bankrupt – and Trump thought he could only handle and speak out of that type.

Trump has never understood the differences between being the head (figurehead, some would say) of a company and being the US president. Trumps assumption is that he will do what he says to them. that he should do, because he is the boss.

The idea that Tillerson, Sessions and the rest of the administration ultimately serve one) the people of the country and b) the rule of law is obviously lost on Trump.

Need more evidence? Trump never gave Sessions to reuse from the probe to Russian involvement in the 2016 election. Why? “Jeff Sessions takes the job, goes into work, gets into work, which I think is very unfair for the president,” told Trump in the New York Times in July 2017. “It’s extremely unfair – and that’s a slight word – to the president. “

Sessions used to prevent any perception of prejudice in the investigation – you know, for the country’s best and all that – was completely lost on Trump. His only reaction to the situation was: This is bad for me, and so sessions should not have done that.

What really says everything.

Trump’s total ignorance of the law – whether it is sincere or just from pure obtuseness – is at this time a defining characteristic of its presidency. He does not understand that there are limits to his power, limits were set up to preserve the presidency’s office – and the broader institutions of our democracy.

The paragraph: We have a president who, according to his single FBI director and his first state secretary, repeatedly suggested ideas that violate established laws. Sit with it for a minute.

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