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Revolt rebellion: Thousands of climate change protesters block London bridges on civilian law

Environmental activists launched a series of disturbing protests in London on Saturday to highlight the government's "inactivity" about climate change.…

Environmental activists launched a series of disturbing protests in London on Saturday to highlight the government’s “inactivity” about climate change.

The Extinction Rebellion Group said that more than 6,000 people blocked five bridges – Blackfriars, Waterloo, Westminster, Lambeth and Southwark – during the “Uprising Day” of direct actions.

At least 22 activists arrested were on the occupied bridges after the traffic links were stopped shortly after 10:00.

Metropolitan police said the protests caused “significant traffic outages” in central London.

Compared to US bourgeois campaigns, the protest group said radical action was necessary to “wake up the alarm” about the threatening climate crisis.

“We represent a large number of citizens &#821

1; researchers, academics, politicians, teachers, lawyers, students, children, parents and grandparents,” said organizer Tiana Jacout.

“We have been trying to march and lobby and sign petitions,” he said. added Jac Jacout. “Nothing has brought about the change needed. And no harm we incur is comparable to the British government’s criminal impact on climate and ecological division.”

Author George Monbiot participated in the protest at the Blackfriars Bridge. “Something I’ve been waiting for, for a long time, happens,” he said.

“People risk their freedom to defend the living world in very large numbers. It’s only when we are prepared to take such actions as people begin to recognize the severity of our existential crisis.”

A separate rally is also placed in Parliament’s square on Saturday afternoon. At an American climate protocol in Washington DC, environmentalists were expected to block traffic before Trump International Hotel.

Extinction Rebellion said that 50 people were arrested following several actions organized in London earlier this week, including the spray painting of walls surrounding Parliament’s house.

Others chained themselves and glued their hands to the entrance to the Department of Energy.

Activists also presented a banner that read “We are f **** d” across the Westminster Bridge.

The group wants the British government to commit to reducing emissions from zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2025 and reverse policies that are not consistent with climate change.

Campaigns also require that a “citizenship” is set up to allow ordinary people a voice in creating new environmental policies.

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Dozens of big countries pursue environmental policy that would cause temperatures to rise above 5C by the end of the century, according to a new study by Australian and European researchers.

Last month, a milestone-wise UN report warned that greenhouse gas emissions would have to be cut almost half of 2030 to ward off the global environmental disaster.

The research group found that the worst effects of global warming can only be prevented if the global temperature rise is below 1.5 C.

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