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Review: “Sabrina's Chilling Adventures” Pits Teenage Rage Against Dark Magic

As a teenager's hero, Sabrina would rather make things on her way. "I want freedom and power," she says. Unbelievable,…

As a teenager’s hero, Sabrina would rather make things on her way. “I want freedom and power,” she says. Unbelievable, toots – it’s a man’s world out there, and shaking teenage virgins kneel in their white ties while powerful elderly men are brushing their pants with blood. It’s just how things go.

The ritual, with a vulnerable Sabrina, who grows out of fear while surrounded by creepy witch people, is just a wonderful tableau. As with many modern series, the show is often literally too dark to see what’s happening. But in the rare moments of (again true) lighting it is as rich as an oil painting, with Shipka being almost glowing.

The constant freak and unnatural color make Sabrina a death signal for CW’s murdered spinning on the Archie series “Riverdale”, which is no surprise. The Sabrina character is part of the larger Archie universe, and the two wise share a creator, Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa. In all manner of “Riverdale”, Archie and the gang of “Twin Peaks” Junior, “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina”, turn more like True Blood For teens, with a parade of supernatural devices and an exaggerated mythology threatening to bleed the joy out of the story.

Like most Netflix originals, “The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina” is the incorrect number of episodes. It could have been a tense and exciting shorter series, or a set of “up-and-down-occult procedures like” Supernatural. “Instead, neither is it, and it burns through its most interesting parts while holding

Sabrina triumphs over mobs and monsters and misogynists, with maggot-filled apples that crush their way, but the series becomes repetitive. After a while, certain women start shouting Latin incantations while scowling on the camera begins to feel like Harry Potter- The hurdles are too familiar and patronizing, and nobody is ever a match for Sabrina’s derring-do.

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