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Revealed the final design of the OnePlus 6 in a new real image


Every day that passes we are closer to knowing, finally, all the characteristics and the OnePlus 6 design . It is no longer that we say it, but it does to own company filtering the details of the device in the same way that the world of rumorology does, which now shows us another real image of the device where we could be seeing the final design of the smartphone.

These days we have known that the mobile phone could reach the stores with about wireless headphones similar to Apple’s AirPods , as well as its possible price. We also know that the OnePlus 6 will be marketed in a model of up to 256 and that, for better or for worse, the device it will also have a notch at the top of the screen that can be deactivated “at the pleasure of the consumer”.

All his characteristics aesthetics, at least those of its frontal part, are those that we can now confirm by means of the last real image of the OnePlus 6 that just appeared on the Net. It shows the front of the phone running a benchmark and allows you to appreciate in more detail the front notch. A notch that the CEO of the firm already warns that may be disabled by future software updates .

Revealed the final design of the OnePlus 6 in a new real image

A family design …

If we grant enough veracity to the new image to assume that, in fact, what it shows is the OnePlus 6 , we can say that the phone will reach the stores (online) with very thin bevels on both sides as well as on the upper and lower profiles. Indeed it is the fashion design in recent months that, in addition to the iPhone X , we have also seen in the Oppo R15 , terminal on which this OnePlus 6 is based.

The testing software that is running on the image reveals that we are facing a mobile driven by the octa-core Snapdragon 845 processor, the main difference between the top of the range of the Chinese brand and the mentioned model of Oppo .

These days we are seeing too many terminal leaks so that there is not yet a specific filing date. that is why it is already speculated that, instead of June, the OnePlus 6 could be presented later this month , or early May at the latest. As soon as we have confirmation from the brand you will be the first to know, as usual.