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Revealed (no, really!): Toyota shows off new Supra in twitter slip-up – Reviews

In what can only be assumed to be a piece of unpacking, a video profiling the journey and revealing the…

In what can only be assumed to be a piece of unpacking, a video profiling the journey and revealing the 2020 Toyota Supra (you know … the one who has been hyped out of his skull over the last couple of years or so) has appeared on the Toyota Mexico social media.

The video can be viewed completely by click here until it is at least deleted.

We say this is a “stuff up” because it comes four days before Supra is supposed to be revealed officially at the Detroit Auto Show on January 1

4 (which will be Tuesday, January 15 in New Zealand). It can of course also be argued that the leak was intentional … a trick to get more tongues to hover before launch.

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And quite frankly, there is not much else that can be said about the new Supra before the revealed date. We have already discussed in previous leaks that it shares lots of its parts (including chassis and engine platform) with the new BMW Z4, we have listened to what it sounds like, and we have looked at speculation that it will probably be without a loved one manual transmission.

The ultimate question people will want to answer is whether or not it feels like a BMW Z4 in motion (no disturbance to the German convertible, of course), or if it is running like something else – like the old Supra, maybe ?

If it’s just a dressed Z4, then it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Among other things, the engine can reflect the 250kW and 4.6-second 0-100km / h time expressed by its BMW cousin. Not at all bad.

But considering all the pantomimes, you hope that Toyota would have something special in the sleeve. Get ready for Driven early next week for all the details, when Supra is formally revealed.

The mural Supra is one of two Supras that has been revealed today. This Winged beasty is the Toyota Gazoo Racing SuperGT Concept, made according to the same rules as the incredible machines that fill DTM.

It is labeled a “concept” with the name, but TGR has confirmed that it will compete in SuperGT from 2020 – replacing the former title-winning Lexus LC500 (powered by, among others, Kiwi Ace Nick Cassidy).

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