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Rev Jesse Jackson calls for openness from the Hoover police

Rev. Jesse Jackson urged Hoover officials to release tape from a police shooter and hold the responsible officer who killed…

Rev. Jesse Jackson urged Hoover officials to release tape from a police shooter and hold the responsible officer who killed the 21-year-old Emantic Bradford Jr. in praise for a young man who is taken on Thanksgiving.

Jackson spoke at Saturday morning for Bradford, who was black and died after shooting at the Riverchase Galleria mall. The authorities said he had a gun and was close to the scene for a shooting at one of the busiest shopping nights of the year.

Initial reports incorrectly identified Bradford as a gun that had injured two people. Later, officials said Bradford had not fired his weapon and arrested another man.

“We will make the band public,” Jackson said. “We want transparency, not coverage. Tell the whole story, tell it now. We want justice now. We want justice now.”

Jackson called on the long history of civil rights in Birmingham and Alabama and the latest Black Life Matter movement. He preached about Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr. and the four little girls killed in a bombing at the 1

6th Street Baptist Church. He also listed some of the black men killed by the police in high-profile incidents, including Michael Brown, Freddie Gray and Philando Castile.

“In the images of these kinds and bloodshed, by EJ Bradford joining these joints, Jackson said.

Jackson said Bradford would not be forgotten and promised to continue fighting for more information about the shot.

” Innocent blood has power, “said Jackson.

On Thanksgiving, the police said Bradford was the shooter who injured two other people inside the mall. One day later, they announced that Bradford had not fired the bullets who hit a 12-year-old and an 18-

“Even a young black man who has no criminal act as caregiver for his father is still a threat, said Jackson.

Jackson’s remarks were preceded by dear ones. Friends remember Bradford as a generous and loyal companion.

Everyone did not call me, “said a friend.” He was always in conversation. “

His father, Emantic Bradford Sr., is fighting cancer. When diagnosed, he said he saw a change in his son.

” When I got sick, I knew when my son turned his corner and started to be esponsible “said Bradford Sr.” Shoe was on the other side. He began to look at me. My child was a good child. “

He broke in tears when he was talking about losing his son.

” The year I had with him was 21 good years, “his father said.” To this day he will always be my hero. I miss my baby and his mother misses him too.

The story has made national headlines. Activists demanding the release of video films have hosted protests across Hoover – including the mall.

One of the activists Carlos Chaverst Jr. said that the demonstrations and requirements for information are based on previous civil rights struggles. 19659002] “Today we no longer dream about the better world, we build it,” says Chaverst. “How long are we going to suffer? How long do we have to see a family that cares in this way?”

The funeral was held at the Boutwell Auditorium in Birmingham on a cloudy Saturday morning. Mourners cried when they stopped in front of Bradford’s open chest. More than 1,000 people were submitted to Boutwell to commemorate their lives and memories. Bradford was a member of Rock City Church, which streamed the service live on the internet.

Jefferson County Commissioner Lashunda Scales said society would come together.

“We need to get a conversation this country, I do not want to have,” says Scales. “This is not just a black thing. It’s not just a white matter. It’s a human thing. “

The Hoover Police Department has handed photographs to the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency, which investigates the shot. The city has not released any information about the officers involved in the shot but said that the person who fired the fatal shot has become inactive during the investigation.

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