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Return of Obra Dinn released

October 18, 2018 Technology 3 Views Time to get your sea breeze on and board a ship full of maritime…

Time to get your sea breeze on and board a ship full of maritime mysteries in Return of Obra Dinn, released today and last from Lucas Pope, creator of Papers Please. A first person’s murder mystery is presented in chubby monochrome. Players fill well-behaved shoes by an insurance investigator for East India Company 1

807. A long-lost ship has emerged and all crew has been replaced with a lot of dead skeletons. There is a mystery to solve, and only a deductive genius (which can see the past) can crack the case. Sleuth on.

Return of Obra Dinn is proof that you can do a lot with very little. In this case, only solid white or black dots, create an image that may have ishes out with pen, given enough time. It has been a great effort to keep this look even in the sketch-style still images of the game. This small development clip shows how a 3D render is dragged to make it look like an authentic historical pencil sketch. The end result is a game that uses state-of-the-art 3D technology to reproduce something that looks like it’s from the early monochrome era of Mac games.

As the aforementioned above shows, the core of Return Of The Obra returns your truth behind the disappearing ship. Giving you Sherlock-like deduction powers (which means pulling clues wholesaler of ether) is a magic pocket watch that lets you hear the last members of crew members before you get the chance to go around the time-free moment of their death. Piece the pieces together and image forms. Hopefully. If you’re smart. While I’m not sure who’s at work, a poke around RPS Treehouse noteboard says that a review is in the works.

Return of Obra Dinn is now out on Steam, Humble and GOG for 15,49 kr / 16,79 € / $ 20. [19659005]
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