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Reserve the LEAGOO S9 and participate in a raffle to get it for less than 2 dollars

Less traditional firms are not always alternatives to consider for many users, but with some frequency there are offers that can not be left aside . Not only because of the starting price of certain products, but because of some punctual reservations or launching that is almost unthinkable to let slip.

This is the case of LEAGOO, which on the occasion of the launch of its LEAGOO S9 has prepared an incredible global offer that you can access from your own web page . They have also prepared a sweet draw with which you can get it for only $ 2. Stay with us because we are going to tell you all the details.

LEAGOO S9: save it now for less than 150 euros


The LEAGOO S9 is a terminal that adds to the fashion of devices with a 19: 9 screen format and HD + resolution . Your screen size is 5.85 inches , so it becomes an ideal phablet to view multimedia content or enjoy mobile games. Thanks to its design, LEAGOO has managed to integrate a large panel into a body of a 5.5-inch terminal.

As for the photographic section, the LEAGOO S9 is the first device in the world with notch in having 65 megapixels in total, with the sum of its 3 cameras (two backs and one front) thanks to an algorithm, so the results should be a big plus for your competition. All this thanks to a great experience and performance thanks to Android Oreo. And for the battery we have a 3300 mAh battery.


The sale price for the duration of this promotion is $ 149.99 – about 122 euros , but it will only be available between the 16th and the 20th of April. If you are interested in this offer, visit now LEAGOO website . And do not forget to participate in the draw they organize on your Facebook. If you are one of the lucky winners, you can get a LEAGOO S9 for only $ 1.99 . In addition, all participants will receive a discount coupon of $ 20. Just for participating!

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