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Researchers respond to Trump's latest, indefinite climate explanations: “It's almost Satire”

Another day, another presidential report on climate science so different from reality is numbing. Almost two weeks ago, President Donald…

Another day, another presidential report on climate science so different from reality is numbing.

Almost two weeks ago, President Donald Trump said that “ shaving and cleaning and doing things ” would have prevented the deadliest fire in California’s history and bizarre credited Finland with the thought-something that the Nordic country denied .

Last Wednesday his past musings revived on how temporarily cold weather in one place counteracts long-term global temperature development. Two days later, his administration buried two of their own great climate reports that show that they burn fossil fuels warming the earth and releasing them on black friday. When reporters asked him Monday to answer the results of one of these reports – the national climate assessment, collected by researchers at 13 federal agencies – he said: “ I do not believe it .”

But the president’s interview with The Washington Post, published Tuesday night, called denialism to a new level.

“One of the problems many people like to myself – we have very high levels of intelligence, but we are not necessarily such believers. You look at our air and our water, and it’s currently on record,” said Trump, which seems to link particles with climate change pollutants.

He continued to declare “the oceans are very small” and blame Asia’s continent for coal on American beaches, and even circled back to the railing remark.

“I looked at the firefighters, and they are raking brush – you know tumbleweed and brush, and all these things grow underneath,” he said. “It’s on fire, and they shave, work so hard, and they shave all these things. If it got raked in the beginning, there would be no fire. It’s very interesting to see.”

The steam is pouring out of a smokehouse at Morgantown Generating Station, a coal and oil burning power plant in Newburg, Maryland.

He raised “articles” from the 1970s – probably referring to pieces from Time magazine and Newsweek – which made it obviously the wrong case that the planet entered another ice age.

“If you go back and if you look at articles they talked about global freezing, they talked that the planet could freeze to death, then it will die of heat exhaustion, he said.

We asked climate scientists to answer. [19659022] Michael Mann: “It’s Almost Satir”

Man is a Climate Researcher and Co-author of the Book The Madhouse Effect: How the tendency of climate change threatens our planet, destroys our policies and drives us crazy.

I tweeted this yesterday in response:

“We have very high levels of intelligence but we are not necessarily such believers . You look at the earth, say, from a prairie in Kansas. The ground is flat. It’s not a sphere! “- Donald Trump (any day)

Because what he said about climate change is as idiotic as if he had said the above statement. He might as well be a flat-earther.

That can even be fun if it was not for his use of the bullied pulpit to promote denialist propaganda threatens human civilization.

We can only hope for this time to

Marshall Shepherd : “Science is trading Not About What We Believe “

Shepherd is the head of the University of Georgia’s atmospheric program and a former president of the American Meteorological Society.

Science does not care what we think. If you’re at the top of the building and fall, gravity is still a thing if you believe it or not.

David Titley: “Not only frustrating but very sad”

Titley is a climate researcher at Penn State and a retired marine bakmäs tare.

I think this is not only frustrating but very sad. It’s like talking to a friend about a car and you think you should talk about the engine and its mileage. But when you ask him, he is talking about the color, the options or how comfortable the seat is.

I am very happy the president confesses that he is worried about air pollution that he can see and the plastic in the ocean. I hope he can understand that the contamination we can not see – in the form of greenhouse gases – poses an even greater threat to our people, our economy and our personal and national security. In fact, basic science is very simple and has been well known for over a century.

I would like to ask the president, “Sir, what is climate change that scares you so much that you can not admit it happens or addresses it? Let’s find out the real cause – and attack this issue. Because it’s not about science. It’s about us and the world we want to live in today, tomorrow and beyond. “

Joseph Majkut:” Hoo Boy & # 39;

Majkut is climate researcher and climate director politics at the libertarian idea Niskanen Center.

Hey boy. These comments have kicked off an insufficient debate at NC about whether the oceans are small.

No person, no matter how intelligent, will see or experience the profound changes in the climate that arise through industrial emissions. That is why we have scientific assessments like [National Climate Assessment] and an army of researchers out there takes data and tries to understand the scope of this issue. What they find is unpleasant at best and alarming at worst. You do not have to believe the worst scenario is a sure bet to take it seriously, but we should not focus on the idea that it will work.

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