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Researchers predict a “dark matter hurricane” will collide with the earth

View of Winter Street Galaxy with Great Magellanic Cloud Bottom-Right and Antilla 2 Galaxy Left There were various statements from…

View of Winter Street Galaxy with Great Magellanic Cloud Bottom-Right and Antilla 2 Galaxy Left

There were various statements from APS- physics and one of them noted that these stars would be the remains of the dwarf galaxy that ever disappeared from the Milky Way galaxy one billion years from now on.

The discovery of Antlia 2 challenges today’s models of galaxy formation today. Double Antlia 2 (or Ant 2) is the galaxy remarkably weak but lies only about 1

30,000 light years away from our galaxy.

The global team, including many astronomers from the University of Cambridge, discovered the weak galaxy when it examined data from Gaias telescope.

But despite its size, Antlia 2 gives some light. One reason why this giant galaxy has been hidden for so long is that it releases some light; Ant 2 is 10,000 times less than the Great Magellanic Cloud. Researchers from Universidad de Zaragoza, King’s College London and Astronomical Institute in the United Kingdom have studied a stellar flow left by a dwarf spherical galaxy consumed by the Milky Way aeons since.

Adds warmth to the outlandish apocalypse claims that occur around the world, an astronomer team has suggested that an extremely fast dark matter hurricane will soon melt into the earth as it moves through the Milky Way.

ESA’s Gaia mission has delivered the most extravagant star list so far, including high-precision estimates of nearly 1.7 billion stars, and revealing already inconsistent places of interest in our home world. When structures originated at the beginning of the universe, dwarfs were the first galaxies to form, so most of their stars are old, low-mass and low-fat.

They were lucky, in fact, because in 2017 a starstream called S1 was discovered by the European Gaia satellite. During the early months of this year, the second set of data released by Gaia was released to researchers from different countries. The new set of data provided information about Winter Street details that were not available for studies earlier.

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Gaias Precision Measurements gave scientists data about low-fat RR Lyrae stars, a type of little old star that pulses regularly and changes its brightness every 12 hours or so, Astronomy reported.

Then again the characteristics of the tricky dark matter “thought to hold worlds together could be re-examined.

“This is a galaxy’s ghost,” said Gabriel Torrealba, author of the paper describing the discovery, published November 9th.

With a mass much lower than expected for an object of its size, ant 2 is likely to be broken by Winter Street’s galactic tides.

What is inexplicable is the size of the object, says astronomer Sergey Koposov at Carnegie Mellon University.

“Compared to the rest of the 60 or so Milky Way satellites, Ant 2 is an oddball,” co-author Matthew Walker, a deputy professor at Carnegie Mellon University, revealed. The current theory which claims that dark matter is tightly packed in the center of the galaxy does not seem to apply to the newly discovered ghost wave. “We wonder if this galaxy is just the tip of an iceberg”.

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