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Research claims the brain still works after so you will be aware of everything

The human brain still works after death, meaning you know you're dead, new research claims. Researchers say they have discovered…

The human brain still works after death, meaning you know you’re dead, new research claims.

Researchers say they have discovered that brain activity still works in seconds after the heart. Experts say that it means a patient would be fully aware of what is happening to them because their consciousness continues to work.

Shortly after death, the person would be “caught” inside his dead body with the brain still functioning, researchers suggest.

Survivors of myocardial infarction were aware of what is happening around them while they were clinically “dead” before they “were relocated” and could describe what happened to them after the hearts had stopped beating, revealed the new study

Proof of To propose the deceased can even hear himself from a doctor, says researchers.

According to DailyMail, Dr. Sam Parnia and his team from Stony Brook University’s School of Medicine in New York, examined consciousness after death by investigating heart attack cases in Europe and the United States.

He said that the study showed that people often change when they have had this “after death” experience and become more willing to help others.

But, contrary to the plot in the movie Flatliners, who saw media students, performing experiments by reviving after stopping their hearts, the person does not come back to life with memories and visions, said Dr Parina. 1

9659002] In 1990’s movie star Kiefer Sutherland, Julia Roberts and Kevin Bacon and a 2017 remake with Ellen Page, the trainee doctors are haunted by visions of their past.

But Dr Parnia Said When A Person Is Revived Do They

Dr Parnia told LiveScience: “They describe how doctors and nurses work, they describe being aware of full conversations, visual things that would otherwise not be known to them.

“It [the time a patient is declared dead] is all based on the moment the heart stops. Technically, that’s how you get the death time. “

The doctors pronounce death time when the heart ends and when this happens, brain function stops” almost immediately, “added Parnia.

However, he claims that he brain cortex, known as” thinking “, also slows down and the plan line, but the brain cells can still be active hours after the heart has stopped.

To perform CPR on someone whose heart has ended sending about 50 percent of what blood it needs to the brain, as Dr. Parnia says is enough to start his functions.

Han add: “If you succeed in restarting the heart, which is what the CPR tries to do, you gradually start to make the brain work again. The longer you do CPR, these brain cell death courses will still happen – they only happen at a slightly slower pace.

“What tends to happen is that people who have had these very deep experiences can come back positively transformed, become more altruistic, more committed to helping others. They find a new opinion that life has had a meeting with death, but it’s not a sudden magic enhancement of its memories. It’s just Hollywood jazz. “[19659002] His study investigates what happens to the brain after a person enters the heartbeat and whether consciousness continues after death and how long.

The purpose of the research is to improve the quality of resuscitation and prevent brain damage while restarting heart.

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