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Republican Brad Raffensperger wins drainage for Georgia's secretary

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By Associated Press

Republican State Rep. Brad Raffensperger was elected Georgia’s Secretary of State on Tuesday during a debate on access to elections and security.

Raffensperger, 63, defeated the democratic former rep. John Barrow in a run-off for the office, held by the Republican government’s selected Brian Kemp. The runoff was necessary after none of the candidates searched more than 50 percent on November 6th, with Raffensperger leading about 1

6,000 votes of more than 3.8 million casts.

President Donald Trump tweeted an explanation in Raffensperger last week, representing a part of Fulton County in Greater Atlanta.

Kemp remained Secretary of State until after the election, disturbing Democrats who called it a conflict of interest and accused him of suppressing minority votes.

Kemp insisted that the charges of the Democrats were fake and pointed to great increases in voter registration on his watch and record set-up on November 6th.

Raffensperger said he would make prevention of his election fraud priority, promising to continue Kemp’s practice to strictly apply voter ID laws and crop registration rolls of inactive voters. All changes in state election laws must be approved by the Republican controlled legislature for Kemp’s signature.

Kemp’s democratic rival for governor Stacey Abrams urged voters to support Barrow in a speech announcing that she would sue to change how Georgia is doing its choice.

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